QCY T1 Pro vs Haylou GT1 – Which is a Better True Wireless Earbuds?

Apple is famous for its innovative products such as the AirPods. Who doesn’t love wireless earphones that we can control by touch gestures? However, all Apple products come at a very high price. There are many clones out there claiming to be affordable Airpods. Even if they don’t have all the features present in Airpods, all of them do provide us wireless earphones with an amazing design. With so many options out there, it’s difficult to pick the best one. The QCY T1 Pro and Haylou GT1 are wireless earphones with amazing features. We’re going to be discussing in detail about QCY T1 Pro vs Haylou GT1. It will help us pick the best one between the two.

QCY T1 Pro vs Haylou GT1 – Which has a better design?

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The QCY T1 pro has a metal-build case. It comes with a battery charge indicator on the back of the case. The square-shaped earbuds have a sleek ergonomic design. They are lightweight as well with a single earbud weighing just 4.7g. There is an ear fin attached with it that you can hook into your ears. They have a dedicated touch panel, which is easy to activate. It comes in two colors: black and white.

The Haylou GT1 case is black with a minimalistic design made of plastic. There is no battery charge indicator present on the back. The case is smaller when we compare it to the case of QCY T1 Pro. The Haylou GT1 is portable and fits into your pocket with a small case and light earphones. It also has a touch panel which is slightly harder to locate and activate, unlike the QCY T1 Pro.

Advantage: QCY T1 Pro

Which is better in sound quality?

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The sound quality in QCY T1 Pro is amazing for its price. The range of sound is well- balanced. The lower mids and vocal sound rich with the higher mids balanced. However, the bass performance is not very pleasing. There is only a minor sound leakage even with the volume cranked up to maximum. It ensures that the sound doesn’t interrupt the people around you. The Xiaomi Haylou GT1 sounds vibrant and composed with some emphasis on bass performance. The low tones complement the experience, and the vocals are engaging. They both have a good microphone.

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Advantage: QCY T1 Pro


Both the QCY T1 Pro and Haylou GT1 support the latest Bluetooth Version 5.0. The QYC T1 Pro allows a Bluetooth distance of 10 m without obstacles. The QCY T1 Pro has IPX4 rating whereas Haylou GT has an IPX5 rating. They are both sweat-proof and water-proof. IPX4 rating indicates that it protects the earphones from splashes of water and IPX5 indicates protection from water projection from a nozzle. We can use the earbuds in QCY T1 Pro and Haylou GT1 separately. We could just use one of them and charge the other one.

Noise isolation in earphones provides us with a more immersive experience. It gives you a better experience while gaming or talking with your friends and family. Both of these models provide you with noise cancellation earphones. The Haylou GT1 has a DSP smart digital NC module which helps to eliminate background noise. It provides a better gaming experience.

Advantage: Haylou GT1

Touch gestures

The QCY T1 Pro and Haylou GT1 wireless earphones don’t come with any buttons. Instead, we control them by simply touching the earbuds. We tap the earbud once to play/pause music in both models.

The touch gesture controls in QCY T1 Pro are:

  • Answer/end call- Tap once
  • Next song-Touch left earbud twice
  • Previous song- Touch right earbud twice
  • Activate voice assistant-Press and hold for 1 s

In Haylou GT1, once you take these earphones out from the case, they turn on. An LED indicator glows solid white when it turns on. You could also touch the panel for 1.5 s to power on the earphones. It turns off as soon as you place it in the case and the LED glows red to indicate this. Another option is to touch the panel for 4.5 s to turn it off. You have to double-tap to answer/end call, triple touch to activate voice assistant, double touch left earbud to go to the previous song and double touch right earbud to go to the next song.

Which offers more comfort?

The QCY T1 Pro and Haylou GT1 strive to provide a comfortable experience for users. These wireless earbuds are convenient without tangling being a problem like in the wired earphones. With their sleek design, both of them offer great comfort even when worn for hours. The hook present in QCY T1 Pro ensures that it is less likely to fall. It is beneficial in circumstances where there is a lot of movement, such as a heavy workout.

Advantage: QCY T1 Pro

Which has a better battery life?

The case of QCY T1 Pro has a 750 mAh battery, and the earbuds have a 40mAh Li-ion battery. The case provides around 20 hours of battery life and five times full charge. The earbuds provide the same amount of playback time and talk time of 2.5 hours.

The Haylou GT1 earphones have a 43 mAh battery, and the charging bin has a 310mAh battery. The charging bin provides 12 hours of battery life, and the earbuds offer 3.5 hours of playback time. The charging bin takes 1.5 hours for a full charge. The battery life of the QCY T1 Pro earphones is less than the Haylou GT1, but the case has a long battery life.

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The Winner is!

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Between QCY T1 Pro vs Haylou, the best option is QCY T1Pro. QCY T1 Pro has a better case which is more durable. It has a battery indicator present in its case and a better battery life. The QCY T1 Pro earbuds have a great design that provides more comfort with a hook attached to it. It also offers better sound quality with minimal sound leakage compared to Haylou GT1. If you want a smaller and portable case with earphones that have a good battery life, Haylou GT1 would be the best option. It has a higher IP rating making it suitable for rainy days.


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