QCY QQ1000 Stereo Speaker Review

What if a small portable speaker sounds like a big vast speaker? If it ergonomically durable and has stereo sound reproduction system than why you should not get one to keep one in one corner of your backpack? Yes, it would be a perfect fit at home and also in a survival camp.

Yes, talking about one of the best Bluetooth speaker QCY QQ1000, is a versatile super portable beautifully designed speaker with Bluetooth v4.2 and 10-hour playtime.  Let’s learn more about features and their corresponding benefits.

QCY QQ1000 Stereo Speaker Review

In this, I am going to make a QCY QQ100 review, in brief, stay firm with me to discover a gold mine.  But before diving deep have a look at the specifications at a glance.

Model No: QCY QQ1000

Playtime: 10 hours

Bluetooth Version: V4.2

Bluetooth Profile: HFP / A2DP / HSP / AVESP

Battery: 950 MAH Lithium metal batteries

The cabinet material: Metal

Speaker Classification: Full range speaker.

Compact and Portable

QCY QQ1000 is portable, very compact size and inclined. No hip-hop unwanted design, the plain simple minimal design made it unique. Moreover, its portable and you will able to take it wherever you want, nicely fits with the travel bag. It may be your hiking and camping companion, solo travel mate and overall an especial friend to you.

Magnetic Bass Speaker/deep Bass Effect

This is a 52 mm strong magnetic bass speaker, use magnetic fields to create mechanical vibration come sound which ensures precise frequency and creates the deep bass effect. In detail, it creates sound with low frequency, pitch and range ensure smart and positive music world for you.

3D Stereo Music

QCY QQ1000 is a stereo speaker means it follows the stereographic project to record and reproduction of sound and you know monaural sound uses one channel and stereophonic sound uses typically tow. The sound quality is far better in stereo speakers, you know.

Bevel Speaker

It’s a Bevel speaker, inclined at 60 degrees. The inclination ensures the perfect sound wave distribution, makes it easy to travel the sound directly to the air and lossless sound enjoyment. Also, the bevel is an art of her beauty and the reason behind the best acoustic transmission.

Smooth Metal Texture

The exterior cabinet built with metal, which is painted with nanometer spraying technology.  It’s a highly reflective surface coating, multiple layers of coating. NSP (nanometer spraying paint) ensures quality painting and durability, also protects from rustic weather and humidity. The nanometer spray makes the speaker surface skin like soft texture and it feels special when you touch it with your figure tip.

High Capacity Battery

You don’t have to think on its battery backup. It has 950MAh battery. Once it fully charged, it will go for ten hours and as the manufactures said. The real-time uses report is not different than manufacturer claims.

Engineered and designed nicely that it ensures low power transmission.

There are a lot of reasons behind the low power transmission like, the Bluetooth version used here consumes low power, the audio driver used here is an efficient and powerful audio driver, it’s a big reason behind this product low power transmission and longer battery life.

3w Audio Driver

The speaker has 3w audio driver, means the audio power of this speaker is 3w. So from the amplifier to loudspeaker the electrical transmission power is 3w. Whatever, this speaker efficiency is high and almost 3w power convert into sound and very negligible amount of electrical power convert into heat. You will glad to know that QCY QQ1000 does get hot like the traditional speaker. From the manufacturer, they call its audio power as Peak momentary performance output (PMPO). Whatever the name is, the speaker is a super-efficient in terms of power transmission into sound.

Bluetooth V4.2 Available

It consists of Bluetooth v4.2 and you know Bluetooth v4.2 is faster smoother, stable and compatible with a lot of Bluetooth devices and widely used apps. You know, Bluetooth v4.2 also ensures better connectivity, faster transmission, and low power consumption as well. QCY QQ1000 ensures better data security and privacy with Bluetooth v4.2.

Full Range Speaker

The speaker precisely converts any level of frequency to the human audible limit, more descriptively, the audio driver converts or reproduce the electrical power into sound frequency, some of them lie in human audible limit and some of them are not. The QCY QQ1000 is a full range stereo speaker, whose task is to bring all the sound frequencies inside the human audible range. Could you please imagine how powerful feature is it? Such a small spear king will make your investment worth.

Smart with smart Technologies

The device is quite smart with smart technologies allows you to connect with smartphones, smart TVs, tablets and other devices via Bluetooth technology it has.

It has an echo noise reduction feature which filters environmental noise very efficiently. Really smart speaker, right? The speaker supports two phones to connect with, so you will get a lot of space to play with this device.

It has a low red low battery indicator once the battery is down, it will blink and will give you a warmth voice prompt. Just cool! Once the battery is fully charged the indicator LED will be turned off.

Another side of its smartness is its highly compatible with any Bluetooth enabled devices like Android, iPhone, iPad, tablets, smartphones, iPods, MP3, MP4 and so on. And also it allows connecting with the speaker and your smart devices from 10 meters away.

Skid Proof Base Design

The speaker has a skid-proof base which will protect it from bumpy vibration while playing music, also it will create a backward thrust if it gets it any unwanted push or pulls.

Nice Sound Hole Pattern

The sound hole every speaker has, a special feature for this speaker. They used graceful sound hole pattern which does not only look beautiful but also ensures perfect acoustic transmission and better sound quality.

Step-less Volume Adjustment

You will have a step-less volume adjustment ring, which rotates with 8 levels of the blue indicator and helps you to understand the maximum and minimum volume level. Along with, the blue light indicator creates a feel like a high tech product.

Nicely Packaged

You will get a nicely packaged speaker, inside a secure box with a luxury presentation fell like a gift. I think QQY QC1000 is not a bad gift idea to music lover or a travel freak.

So what you will get inside the nice box? You will get the QCY QQ1000 Bluetooth speaker itself, one USB cable and a user manual.

Multiple Colors Available

You have options to choose colors. The available colors are available in black and white. The white one looks minimal and black one is gorgeous. Pick what you like.

Built in Mic to Answer Call

You are cooking, or busy to wear the diaper to your kid, can’t talk holding the phone to your ear. This cool speaker will help you in this regard. The speaker has a built in microphone and you will answer your cell phone call through the speaker.

External Memory Card Support

QCY QQ1000 also supports an external memory card, so you will be able to play it without any smart devices, not pairing with any phones. It allows the users a great flexibility to use this device. Even your grandpa also handles it, if he does not know to handle a smartphone then make this speaker a gift to him. He will appreciate you. Don’t forget to bring a memory chip along with the speaker for your grandpa.

Few Downsides User Claiming

Some users said there is a startup noise, musical jingle, which is a bit annoying. Sometimes it cannot remember the last phone it paired, but this is not a universal problem but was a flaw of a specific lot.

The speaker is not waterproof, so if you like to keep it in your camping or travel gadget list, then keep it away from water.

The manufacturers claim that the playtime is 10 hours, but users experienced a bit low. In some cases, 8 hours and even low. But average users reported positive regarding this issue.

The blue light may be an annoying feature to someone, to me it’s not but it could be. The same thing happened to some users, the blue light was affecting to their sleep through the light is very gentle and does not affect to sleep, the feedback report analyzed by the manufacturer.

The Final Verdict

Size does not matter always, says the speaker real-time users become astonishing such a loud sound from a small speaker. A lot of users thought that they will not able to use it, once they unboxed it, but this quality product proved itself through its performance and quality. Everything runs smooth and overall user experience is good. This is the review of QQY QC1000 stereo speaker in brief.

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