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Yesoul M3

Yesoul M3
Brand: Xiaomi
Category: Outdoors, Fitness & Sports
  • Feature 1: Quick and easy to set up and fold away
  • Feature 2: Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainer with Pulse Sensors
  • Feature 3: Can Be Used to Workout Legs, Hips, Buttocks, Arms & Shoulders
  • Feature 4: Steel Frame-Extra Wide Platform Pedals
  • Feature 5: Large Comfortable Seat
  • Feature 6: Front Wheels-Easy to Move Around the House


Modern life is filled with stress and excitement. And at the same time it limits the mobility of a person as much as possible, offering many occupations and professions with minimal physical exertion. To help you maintain your health and muscle tone, doctors recommend daily cycling. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity and space for cycling. The exercise bike with the virtual trainer Xiaomi Yesoul M3 Smart Cycling Bike will come to the rescue.

The innovative Yesoul M3 Smart Cycling Bike exercise bike is primarily compact. In an apartment, it occupies only 0.5 meters of area. The steeply curved handlebar is pushed forward, and allows you to hold on with different grip, training different muscle groups. The innovative shape of the steering wheel reduces stress on the spine. The height and position of the steering wheel, seats are adjustable for the convenience of the user. The load level is regulated by software using a system of magnets.Yesoul M3

Effective training for results

This Yesoul M3 allows you to get decent results in a short time, even if you do not have the appropriate physical training and do not have the knowledge of how to properly schedule training. An intelligent module will help you choose the right loads. The built-in 10.1 ” touchscreen display guides you through your workouts. It will display online lessons with professional trainers. Using hints and tips will greatly improve the effectiveness of your workouts. You will achieve serious results in a short time. Several training programs are available and will be updated daily. They include a series of targeted exercises to train specific muscle groups. All programs are designed taking into account the practice of professional athletes.

Yesoul M3 Thoughtful design

The simulator is made on a sturdy frame that can withstand a load of up to 100 kg. Surfaces are carefully painted with wear-resistant paint.

It should be noted the compact size of the product – there is a place for it even in a small room.Yesoul M3

The Yesoul M3 pedals are equipped with anti-slip pads. Slipping of the foot is excluded even under heavy loads and reaching the maximum speed.

The built-in adjustment system allows you to select the required load, depending on the recommendations of the training program and your capabilities.

Yesoul M3 Other features

The soft seat is flexible enough not to put excessive pressure on the buttocks and spine. The athlete is guaranteed a safe and comfortable fit.Yesoul M3

The Yesoul M3 Smart Cycling Bike built-in magnetron uses a proprietary braking system for quiet operation. As a drive, rubber belts are used to ensure smooth transmission of power.


Product Details

Brand Yesoul
Model M3
Status Arriving Soon
Package content 1 x Intelligent Spinning Bike frame
1 x YESOUL panel display
1 x Front foot tube and Hind feet tube
1 x Tubular handrail
1 x The left pedal and The right pedal
1 x Power adapter
1 x Tool shelf

Dimensions & Weight

Product Weight 32kg


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