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Roidmi NEX S

Roidmi NEX S
$539.99 $490.99
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Brand: Ruimi
Category: Vacuum Cleaner
  • Feature 1: Vacuuming and Mopping Integrated
  • Feature 2: 200rpm High-speed Strong Rub
  • Feature 3: Intelligent Electric Control Water Tank
  • Feature 4: One-key Automatic Cleaning Mop Cloth
  • Feature 5: Big Roller Floor Brush Design
  • Feature 6: Engine-X Digital Brushless Motor


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  • Design 9 / 10
  • Motor 10 / 10
  • Usability 9 / 10
  • Performance 9 / 10

Now that it has been given the title of “S”, the Roidmi NEX S wireless vacuum cleaner just launched by Roidmi Technology is bound to have its advantages. Through the official information provided to us, we can understand that this next-generation vacuum cleaner combines the multiple cleaning methods of wiping and cleaning into one, and it is better than similar competitors in terms of function and performance. Combining these is not only a comprehensive upgrade of product functions and performance, but also a comprehensive upgrade of our indoor cleaning experience.

When it comes to smart home, one has to mention the field of smart cleaning. As a newly emerging industry, it has gained a lot of attention. Among them, vacuum cleaners and sweeping robots are the main ones, especially vacuum cleaners like Roidmi NEX S have always been the focus of development, and more and more young people are beginning to favor a powerful and diversified wireless vacuum cleaner.Roidmi NEX S

Roidmi NEX S Specs:

Model: NEX S
Voltage: 110-240V
Power: 435W
Suction Power: 145AW
Vacuum Degree: 25000Pa
Rotating Speed: 120000rpm
Charging Time: about 2.5h 
Run Time: 60/30/10min
Mopping Time: 120min
Dust Cup Capacity: 0.4L

One scrubbing

Ordinary wireless vacuum cleaners can only suck but not wipe, and electric mops only wipe but not suck. Many people wonder whether they can integrate the functions of these cleaning tools on one machine? As a result, the Ruimi NEX S vacuum cleaner appeared. Such a vacuum cleaner perfectly integrates the vacuum and wiping, and sublimates the mopping to a cleaner.Roidmi NEX S

In addition, it is equipped with an intelligent electronic control water tank that can micro-control the water output in real time, so that it can be wiped and dried. After the dust is absorbed, a mop will wipe it clean, which can perfectly solve the problem of stains. In addition, wipe and dry will not affect the wooden floors of some households, and will not cause any damage or other hazards, which is very practical.

Roidmi NEX S Automatic cleaning

Because Roidmi NEX S is equipped with an automatic cleaning station, we don’t have to bother to manually clean the mop after we wipe the floor. After cleaning the floor, we put it in the cleaning station. His own system can automatically wash the mop immediately and spin it dry in 10 seconds, which is cleaner and tidier than manually.Roidmi NEX S

Super performance

The first is that Roidmi NEX S brushless motor system can maintain an ultra-high speed of 120,000 revolutions per minute, and its stable output power is also around 145AW. Such a powerful suction can easily absorb a lot of dirt and debris.Roidmi NEX S

AIR-X dust-gas separation technology is the latest separation technology, which separates dust and air through direct suction adsorption without causing other dust pollution. The power system can also ensure that the NEX S can last for up to 60 minutes, which is completely sufficient for us to clean our daily household hygiene.

One machine for multiple uses

Roidmi NEX S is equipped with a variety of multi-functional brush heads, which can be said to be very intimate. Because we always have various cleaning problems in our home life, we need different brush heads to deal with it.Roidmi NEX S Roidmi NEX S

The NEX S is equipped with pet brushes, mite removal brushes, cleaning brushes, long suction heads and other brush heads, which can easily solve the problem of mites breeding at home, pet cleaning problems, and sanitary cleaning of dead ends. It can be said that one machine can perfectly realize the transformation of various electrical appliances, and realize the replacement of multiple products at the price of one machine, which is super cost-effective.

Roidmi NEX S Noise reduction

It is not good if the sound is too noisy during cleaning. Sometimes it may affect family members or neighbors. Taking this into consideration, Roidmi NEX S takes a lot of effort in noise reduction. The internal triple noise reduction process makes it possible to reduce the sound to 72dB when the machine is running, and no sound pollution occurs at all.

Smart APP control

The Roidmi NEX S vacuum cleaner itself is connected to the mobile phone terminal APP via Bluetooth, so that the various performances of the vacuum cleaner itself can be viewed and tested in real time on the mobile phone APP. In this way, you can know when you need to recharge and when you need to replace the filter element, and you can also view your calorie consumption during cleaning exercises, which can be said to behave like your smart housekeeper.


Vacuum Cleaner General

Dimensions and Weight

Package Size 119.10 x 25.90 x 15.80 cm
Package weight 6.8kg
Package content 1 x Vacuum Cleaner, 1 x Manual, 1 x CN Plug

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