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ORICO Backuper

ORICO Backuper
SKU: Backuper
Brand: ORICO
Category: Gadget
  • Feature 1:: One-touch Backup - One-touch Delete
  • Feature 2:: Smart Backup
  • Feature 3:: Backuper APP
  • Feature 4:: up to 2TB Capacity - Type-C
  • Feature 5:: Up to 5Gbps Transfer Rate
  • Feature 6:: Compatible with Android/ iOS/ Windows/ Mac/ Linux


Our Rating

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  • Design 9 / 10
  • Display 8 / 10
  • Features 9 / 10
  • Performance 8 / 10
  • Connectivity 8 / 10
  • Battery Life 8 / 10

ORICO has launched a brand-new mobile phone backup product under the name, ORICO Backuper, to meet the phone data backup needs of many users. It is live on Kickstarter now! ORICO launch Backuper that can automatically back up mobile phone data. The inspiration for the exterior design of ORICO Backuper comes from ORICO transparent hard drive enclosure, which is made of fully transparent PC materials and can directly see the working state inside the product. With the LED indicator, the ORICO Backuper has a full sense of technology in appearance. The surface is painted in blue, full of ORICO brand elements.

ORICO Backuper focuses on data backup function. ORICO Backuper is designed to be portable and compact, convenient for users to carry and does not occupy too much space. After the ORICO Backuper is linked to the mobile phone, it will automatically back up the data on the mobile phone in 10 seconds. ORICO Backuper supports backup documents, music, videos, photos and various types of data. Users can manage the files to be backed up through the ORICO Backuper APP, and can also sort out the backed-up data through the APP. In view of the diversity of file types on the mobile phone, ORICO Backuper will automatically backup and classify data according to file types.

Meanwhile, ORICO Backuper featured with incremental recognition, which can automatically select unbacked files. The backed-up data will not be backed up again, but only the newly added data will be backed up, thus avoiding the problem of repeatedly backing up the same data.  Obviously, this time ORICO has new exploration in the data backup field, and it will surely provide all users with better and higher quality experience of backup. Moreover, ORICO will continue to pursue innovation of phone data backup, creating a complete industrial chain, allowing users to have more choices, let’s keep passion and look forward.


Get your From Kickstarter campaign. For more information about ORICO, please access their official website.


Product Details

Brand Orico
Model Backuper
Status Crowdfunding

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