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Merach Nano Massage Gun

Merach Nano Massage Gun
Brand: Xiaomi
Category: Outdoors, Fitness & Sports
  • Feature 1: 4 Massage Heads
  • Feature 2: Ergonomic Design
  • Feature 3: Ease Of Use
  • Feature 4: Type-C Charging
  • Feature 5: Compact Body
  • Feature 6: 3200RPM Power Output


With the development of society and the improvement of people’s quality of life, there is an increasing need for good products that can bring happiness to life. I think Merach Nano Massage Gun is one of them. Muscle soreness of young people after exercise, body stiffness of middle-aged people who work for a long time, and old people’s frequent backache and leg pain are common problems faced by modern people. This compact, portable, powerful and thoughtful pocket fascia gun will be a solution shared by the whole family.

“Small size”

Merach Nano Massage Gun has made great efforts in the volume of the product. The original dumbbell-sized fascia gun has been compressed to the size of 2 lipsticks, which is almost the same as the palm size of an adult. Whether it is a backpack, a satchel, a handbag, or even a clothing pocket, it can fit in.

Although the volume of the Merach Nano Massage Gun has been greatly compressed, the hardware and functions have not been “castrated”. nano pocket fascia gun is equipped with an ultra-light brushless motor, which can provide a powerful power output of 3200 rpm, which is not inferior to mainstream fascia guns. In addition, it also has Type-C flash charging technology and deep-sea noise reduction technology that Merek is proud of.

“Lighter weight”

Merach Nano Massage Gun gun adopts aluminum alloy integrated molding technology, not only the body has no splicing gaps, and its appearance is higher, but also has an ultra-light weight, only 360g.

“Better grip feel”

With a smaller size and lighter weight, the use experience will naturally be improved. Especially after long-term use, the pressure on the arm will be reduced a lot, and there is no need to worry about the tightness of the forearm. In addition, the Merach Nano Massage Gun has also been optimized in some details, which can also greatly improve the grip.

The first is the optimization of the handle. The handle of the traditional fascia gun is too thick, coupled with the heavier weight of the traditional fascia gun, it is very unfriendly to female users with delicate skin, and it will even wear under long-term high-frequency vibration. The Merach Nano Massage Gun adopts a newly designed ergonomic track circle design, plus two skin-friendly silicone cushions on both sides of the handle, which can effectively reduce 70% of the vibration during massage. It is just right to prevent the palmar mound from being compressed and damage the epidermis, to give warm care to the hands, and no longer have to worry about the problem of calluses on the hands.

At the same time, the two cushion protection pads can also increase the friction of the grip, even if there is water or sweat on the hand, the fascia gun can be firmly held without slipping.

“Higher value for money”

In the fascia gun market, there are widespread problems of brand premium and marketing packaging. In fact, when it comes to workmanship and configuration, a product with a few thousand dollars may not be better than a cheap product. Sometimes you spend more for the brand. Pay the bill.

The biggest highlight of Merach Nano Massage Gun is its small size, easy portability and high cost performance. It has changed the habit of using traditional fascia guns, making it no longer a luxury to enjoy deep massage anytime and anywhere.


Product Details

Brand Merach
Model Nano Massage Gun
Status Avaialble
Specification Rechargeable 2500mAh lithium batteries
Low noise:40dB
3 x speed shifting
Package content 1 x Handheld Deep Fascia Massage
1 x Charger
1 x Manual
1 x Qualification
4 x Massage Head

Dimensions & Weight

Product Weight 360g


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