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HUTT W66 Review, Specifications & Price

HUTT W66 Review, Specifications & Price
Brand: Xiaomi
Category: Vacuum Cleaner
  • Feature 1: One-click start, intelligent route planning.
  • Feature 2: Exclusive water spray design, the rag will always maintain humidity.
  • Feature 3: Anticipate in advance, and avoid obstacles.
  • Feature 4: 150ML intelligent control water tank, it can wipe 70-80 square meters of glass.
  • Feature 5: Intelligent escape, four-wheel upgrade to laser detection sensor.
  • Feature 6: Lightweight and portable design


Our Rating

The overall rating is based on review by our experts

  • Design 9 / 10
  • Motor 8 / 10
  • Usability 9 / 10
  • Performance 8 / 10

Xiaomi released their second window cleaner in 2020. This time, it is a square-type robot Mijia Hutt W66. The main feature of the novelty is the wipe wetting system from the built-in tank, similar to the spraying system previously implemented on the Hobot 298 Ultrasonic . The price tag for Mijia Hutt W66 varies in the range of 13-19 thousand rubles. Further in the review, I will tell you in detail about the design, functionality and technical characteristics of this model, as well as list its advantages and disadvantages in comparison with competitors.

AppearanceHUTT W66 review

The robot pleases the eye even at the stage of unpacking. The fact is that it comes in a convenient and well-made shipping case. In this case, the Hutt W66 can be kept on a shelf in a closet or taken to the country. The robot itself is made in a minimalist style typical of Xiaomi: a white body with a square platform and a brace handle. Base width – 231.5 mm, height including handle – 76 mm. The weight is quite modest (1.57 kg), so it is not difficult to put the robot on the window.HUTT W66 sale

The power button is located so that it falls under the thumb of the hand holding the vacuum cleaner. An LED status indicator is mounted next to the case. A parallel power cable and a safety cord are inserted into the handle from below. And Xiaomi also thought out a reliable docking of the non-removable part of the cable with the adapter, which is carried out by means of a threaded plug. In the right corner of the front panel, we find the tank filler hole, plugged with a silicone plug.HUTT W66 dealHUTT W66 coupon


Hutt W66 washes all smooth surfaces, including windows, display cases, mirrors, countertops, shallow tiles and plastic panels. The radius of the robot is limited only by the length of the safety cord – 8 meters.

The order of starting the washer is as follows:

  1. Pour 150 ml of water into the tank.
  2. Sprinkle the napkins with detergent and fasten with Velcro.
  3. Switch on the switch and press the platform against the glass.HUTT W66 revieew

On a vertical surface, Hutt W66 is held by a vacuum vacuum of 2600 Pa. The algorithm of the robot’s movement is zigzag driveways until the window area is completely covered. The movement is carried out at the expense of the tracks.

The main technological feature of the Xiaomi-shny wiper is additional wetting of the napkin in the direction of travel, which significantly increases the final quality of cleaning. Moreover, water is sprayed into the space between the base of the robot and the glass. The advantage of such a system compared to the Hobot 298 Ultrasonic is that the water jet is not blown away by the wind, and it gets exactly where it needs to be. The volume of the tank is enough for processing 70-80 sq. m. To clean especially dirty glasses, 2-3 working cycles with replacement of napkins will be required. A total of 4 napkins are supplied in the kit.

In total, the Hutt W66 has four operating modes:

  1. Dry cleaning – cleaning without water supply (usually used as a preparatory step for heavily soiled windows).
  2. Wet cleaning (the amount of wetting can be adjusted).
  3. Manual control (joystick).
  4. Double pass cleaning.

You can switch modes using the remote control. And also Xiaomi took care of the possibility of turning off the annoying voice messages of the robot – this can be done by pressing a separate button on the remote control.HUTT W66 buy

Advantages and disadvantages

Taking into account discounts on aliexpress, this robot can be taken for 13 thousand rubles, so I don’t want to talk about its shortcomings.


  • budget price tag;
  • case for transportation and storage;
  • sleek design;
  • low profile body;
  • wipe wetting system;
  • control from a smartphone;
  • rich equipment;
  • powerful motor;
  • variability of operating modes.


  • lack of a detergent level indicator;
  • voice messages exclusively in Chinese;
  • remote control with Chinese characters.


Vacuum Cleaner General

Brand HUTT
Model W66
Material Alloy
Function Window Cleaning

Dimensions and Weight

Package Size 23.15 x 23.15 x 7.60 cm
Package weight 3kg
Package content 1 x Windows Cleaning Robot
1 x Remote Control
1 x Rag
1 x Measuring Flask
1 x Manual


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