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DUKA FB1 Sound Meter

DUKA FB1 Sound Meter
Brand: Xiaomi
Category: Gadget
  • Feature 1: High-definition backlit display large screen
  • Feature 2: Condenser microphone
  • Feature 3: High precision sensor
  • Feature 4: The design of the wind hood, filter the interference of wind
  • Feature 5:


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  • Design 9 / 10
  • Display 8 / 10
  • Features 9 / 10
  • Performance 8 / 10
  • Connectivity 8 / 10
  • Battery Life 8 / 10

Noise pollution is becoming a factor affecting human health and quality of life. Therefore, equipping the DUKA FB1 Sound meter with accurate measurement capabilities to control the noise level is extremely necessary.DUKA FB1 Sound Meter

DUKA FB1 Sound Meter Specs:

Trademark DUKA
Model FB1
Measuring range 30 – 130dBA
Accuracy ± 1.5dB
Frequency response 31.5Hz – 8KHz
Resolution 0.1dB
Working temperature and humidity 0-40 ° C, 10-80% RH
Storage temperature and humidity -10-60 ° C, 0-90% RH
Power supply 3 * 1.5V AAA battery
Mass 80.08g (without batteries)
Size 50 x 30 x 159.5mm

What is a noise meter? Advantages of DUKA FB1 Noise Meter?

A noise meter is a device used to measure the parameters of sound such as intensity, sound level and frequency range of sound. The measured parameters are clearly displayed on the screen, the unit of sound is decibels (dB). And DUKA FB1 Sound Meter  with flexible design, precise measurement capability with extremely low error, high definition display will be a reasonable investment choice to meet all demands of noise measurement in all different environments. .DUKA FB1 Sound Meter

Compact, flexible design

In terms of design, the DUKA FB1 meter is similar to other noise measuring devices, including two parts: the body where the function keys and the screen and the microphone are recorded. In particular, the microphone part is designed far away from the body to cut the reflecting parts to allow for more accurate measurements. The overall machine is quite compact with the size of only 50 x 30 x 159.5mm, so users can easily hold and manipulate flexibly.DUKA FB1 Sound Meter DUKA FB1 Sound Meter

The built-in high definition LED display allows users to easily monitor and instantly capture measurement parameters in real time. Control panel, operation is quite simple, concise, easy to understand and easy to use for all types of users.DUKA FB1 Sound Meter

The ability to measure accurately, with low errors

The DUKA FB1 Sound Meter works on the principle of using a microphone so that the changes in air pressure caused by the sound source can be measured. Therefore, the better the device’s recording microphone, the more accurate the measurement will be. And the noise meter DUKA uses a condenser microphone equipped with high precision sensor with 3 layers of conductive inside, safe metal outer wall, effective against drop. Comes with a windscreen designed to filter wind interference, increasing measurement accuracy by ± 1.5dB . DUKA FB1 Sound Meter

When the measurement exceeds the set alarm value, the DUKA FB1 Noise Meter will blink and display in the backlight for easy user monitoring.DUKA FB1 Sound Meter

Wide practical application in many fields

With a fairly compact, portable design with high accuracy, the DUKA FB1 Sound Meter  can be used practically in many different fields and measurement needs. Specifically, users can use to measure noise in any environment from factories, offices, traffic, bars, theaters, homes, crowded entertainment centers, …

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Product Details

Brand DUKA
Model FB1
Status Available
Specification Product name:Duka FB1 decibel meter
Measuring range: 30~130dBA
Accuracy: ±1.5dB
Frequency response: 31.5Hz~8KHz
Frequency-weighted characteristics:A-weighted
Resolution (of image, monitor etc) :0.1dB
Working temperature and humidity: 0~40°C, 10~80%RH
Storage temperature and humidity: -10~60°C, 0~90%RH
Power supply:3*1.5V AAA batteries
Weight:80.08g (without battery)
External Dimension:50*30*159.5mm
Package content 1 X Duka FB1 decibel meter

Dimensions & Weight

Product Weight 80 gram
Product size 50*30*159.5mm


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