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DUKA DLBS 600 Multimeter

DUKA DLBS 600 Multimeter
Brand: Xiaomi
Category: Home Appliances
  • : Measurement function: DC and AC voltage measurement
  • : The length of the body is 48MM and the weight is 98g
  • : Flashlight function
  • : HD LCD display
  • : Zero fire line recognition function
  • : Convenient to carry
  • :


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  • Design 9 / 10
  • Features 9 / 10
  • Usability 9 / 10
  • Hardware 8 / 10

The DUKA DLBS-600 LCD monitor electric tester is easy to use with one hand, and at the same time easy to monitor parameters with LCD and LED display, safe and useful!DUKA DLBS 600 Multimeter

DUKA DLBS 600 Multimeter Specs:

Trademark DUKA
Model DLBS-600
AC 1mV-750V
DC voltage 0.1mV-600V
Resistance measurement 0.1 ?-600M?
Logic level Have
NVC measurement Have
Measure direct current equal to 0 Have
Turn off automatically Have
Backlight displays Have
Flashlight for lighting Have
Product dimensions 178.7 x 48 x 27.6 mm
Product supplies AAA * 2 batteries
Show max 6000 counts

Advantages of the electric tester pen with Duka DLBS-600 LCD screen

Automatically measure when in contact with the equipment, objects … you need to measure. There’s no need to press any keys, the DUKA electric tester  will intelligently determine the measurements and the readings of the catalog.DUKA DLBS 600 Multimeter

Safe power measurement with the DUKA DLBS-600

The DUKA DLBS-600 LCD screen tester pen has a safe design with anti-slip ability when holding, you can feel secure measuring electricity indoors. More dedicated with LCD digital display brings high definition to consumers. With LED backlit structure, the trend is widely used on most laptops, helping DUKA’s electric tester with high definition, energy saving and easy to grasp display parameters.DUKA DLBS 600 Multimeter

In addition, the measuring device is also equipped with a flashlight function, 24/24 lighting support , every corner will be easily illuminated. Helps increase the range of vision, flexible use in the dark and in the light.DUKA DLBS 600 Multimeter

Full feature electrical measurement needed

DUKA DLBS-600 LCD screen electric tester is equipped with practical functions, such as AC and DC voltage, resistance measuring device, voltage sensor, AC, data storage, display Backlight display, NCV measurement, … At the same time, easy to use with one hand.DUKA DLBS 600 Multimeter

Press and hold the “NCV” button, enter EF mode to start measuring. There is a NCV checkpoint on the front of the meter, which closes next to the AC voltage, and the meter will evaluate the different magnitudes of the signal. The more “-“, the stronger the current, and the less “-“, the weaker the current. The faster the sound and the indicator light flashes, the more it is a direct lead, on the contrary, it is a zero wire.DUKA DLBS 600 Multimeter

Small size, convenient to carry

Overall appearance of DUKA DLBS 600 Multimeter , size is 48mm, weight 98g, only equivalent to 1/3 of the weight of a mobile phone. This makes it easy for consumers to carry and measure at any time

DUKA DLBS 600 Multimeter



Brand DUKA From Xiaomi
Model DLBS 600
Released Date 2021
Status Available

More Features

Dimensions & Weight

Product Weight 98g
Product size 48mm


Package content 1 X DUKA DLBS-600 AC DC 6000 Counts LCD Display Pen Multimeter


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