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DJI FPV Combo (2021 Edition)

DJI FPV Combo (2021 Edition)
Brand: DJI
Category: FPV System


DJI FPV Combo is DJI’s new system that provides an immersive experience. This new system is the essence of DJI’s aerial image quality and user experience, and it integrates the control and aerobatic functions of freestyle flight.

The result is a video camera platform that is unique in the sports camera market. This DJI FPV Combo is more interesting than any previous DJI drone .


DJI FPV Combo  What’s included?

The DJI FPV Combo mainly includes DJI FPV drone, remote control and glasses (thugs: the drone and remote control without glasses and other versions transmitted through the net have no evidence, doubts). The drone itself, including the battery, propeller, gimbal protector and top case. The glasses come with an antenna, battery, USB-C power cord, headband and foam pad. In addition, there are some chargers and data cables.DJI FPV Combo


DJI has always been at the forefront of UAV image quality, and DJI FPV Combo is no exception. You will not find a better one in this type of UAV. In terms of video, there are two sets of parameters: those transmitted back to the glasses and those directly recorded on the plane. The camera has a 142° wide-angle field of view, which can be expanded to 150° when shooting at 50 or 100fps.


HD Digital FPV can provide a real-time view of the flight situation in real time with very little delay. This is the first time that DJI has realized this immersive experience on its own drones (thugs: especially low-latency such as FPV). DJI FPV Glasses Mirror V2 is the top product in the current HD FPV. It can reach up to 810P@60fps high-definition transmission in high-quality mode and 120fps in low-latency mode receive high-definition video.DJI FPV Combo

Flight Control

Old users of DJI drones can easily transition to DJI FPV Combo by flying in “normal” mode. This is a typical GPS-assisted flight mode, easy to control and stable flight. This mode is also the most restrictive, with a maximum attitude angle of 25° and a maximum flight speed of 15m/s ( 54km/h ). After getting started, the user can switch to the “sports” mode to increase the maximum flight speed to 27m/s (~ 90km/h ) and double the ascent and descent speed. For many pilots who are accustomed to using smaller DJI quadcopters, the sport mode will be a big improvement.DJI FPV Combo


Unlike most amateur-grade UAV equipment, the availability of the entire system is the top priority. DJI attaches great importance to ensuring that a free flight-like experience is also smooth and easy for all users . Some of the expected usability (and safety) features include auxiliary lighting, one-button return to home , low-power return to home , and obstacle avoidance ahead and below . In addition, DJI also brought some new skills.

Emergency brake

Freestyle flying is hard to learn and daunting. The complete control function is powerful and you can move freely, but it is also easy to blow up the machine before you are proficient. Bombing aircraft can be very dangerous and costly. The DJI FPV drone reduces the risk with the emergency brake button . When you use the emergency button, the drone will enter a fully stable mode and hover immediately.

DJI FPV Combo Somatosensory controller

In addition to the traditional joystick control, you can also use a one-handed somatosensory remote control to control the DJI FPV drone. The details of the somatosensory controller are still to be determined, but this device will change the way the pilot interacts with the drone. This is a sign that the natural and intuitive interaction between the drone and the pilot is about to be achieved. Compared with the previous traditional remote control, learning and control have become much easier.DJI FPV Combo


The flight time of the DJI FPV Combo drone is 20 minutes, and the top speed can reach 96 km/h, it is not inferior. . But for pilots who have been immersed in traditional riders for many years, DJI FPV does not have much surprise compared to racing or freestyle riders. The low-pitch 5328 propeller is very efficient, but it cannot provide the raw power that many geeks are keen on. The load of nearly 800g also makes the UAV easy to yaw when making sharp turns, and cannot provide the locking feeling that professional pilots want.DJI FPV Combo

DJI FPV is equipped with ADS-B 

It can receive information about nearby aircraft and display it on the glasses screen for reference by pilots. And because of its more flexible flight mode, it is inevitable that some pilots will blow up the plane, and many parts such as the gimbal and top case are replaceable.

In conclusionDJI FPV Combo

DJI FPV Combo is exciting and unique to enter the market, more flexible and maneuverable than any other products produced. Freestyle and racing pilots will find that it is not fast and smart enough to rush on the track, but this pursuit of performance means sacrificing usability-DJI did not choose to do so. So what is it good at? This will be the best choice when shooting sports scenes and fast-moving targets. Cinema lenses that require manual flight will be very popular. Moreover, those pilots who have not spent years learning to assemble airplanes and practice freestyle flying will get the best entry point, explore new horizons, and capture shots they have never seen before.


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