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Deerma DEM-DT16C

Deerma DEM-DT16C
Brand: Deerma
Category: Home Appliances


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The humid air not only creates unpleasant odors, but also gradually affects furniture and family health. Therefore, the equipment with a dehumidifier is quite necessary. The perfect suggestion for you is the Deerma DEM-DT16C Premium Dehumidifier.

Deerma DEM-DT16C dehumidifier

Deerma DEM-DT16C dehumidifier Specs:

Trademark Deerma
Model DEM-DT16C
Electric 220V ~ 50Hz
Rated power 200W
Input current 1.0A
Product dimensions 328 x 197 x 508mm
Water tank capacity 2. 0L
Ability to absorb moisture 15L / 24H (35 ° C – 90% RH)

Advantages of Deerma DEM-DT16C high quality dehumidifier

Deerma DEM-DT16C high-end dehumidifier is equipped with a large screen, modern dual-filter comes with 9 usable features that can be controlled directly by the convenient touch keys. Besides, the ability to absorb moisture is quite good up to 15L / day, ensuring that it will meet all the needs of users.Deerma DEM-DT16C dehumidifier

9 modern features

A special feature of Deerma DEM-DT16C is that it is equipped with up to 9 modern features , fully meeting the needs of basic to advanced use. Specifically include dehumidification mode, humidity control, 24-hour timer, clothes drying mode, high wind mode, low wind mode, negative ion mode, reminder mode, self defrost mode moving.Deerma DEM-DT16C dehumidifier

Specifically, with the 3-way circulating desiccant feature , in a short time, the steam passes through the built-in water absorption membrane, combined with a 5mm thick copper core with the 180 ° moisture absorption ability quickly transforms into a drop of water. and store it in a water tank, leaving a dry, comfortable, and healthy room. Mode humidity control operates continuously and automatically adjusted according to the environmental humidity.Deerma DEM-DT16C dehumidifier

Negative ion release mode continuously spews negative ions, refreshes the atmosphere and removes mold and moisture, allowing you to enjoy a fresh, dry space. The laundry drying function is quite interesting, the default ambient humidity is 30% RH, increasing the maximum moisture absorption efficiency . Auto defrost mode turns on automatically in low temperature climates without needing to turn on manually …Deerma DEM-DT16C dehumidifier

Deerma DEM-DT16C : Big screen, low noise

Deerma DEM-DT16C high-end dehumidifier is equipped with a large screen that rotates temperature and humidity in real time quite conveniently. Help users without entering the house can still quickly see the humidity in the house. In addition, the screen also displays the humidity control ring with 3 different colors. Specifically, the red indicator light means the humidity is higher than 70% RH, need to dehumidify. Blue light is comfortable good humidity at 50-70%. And the purple light is low humidity, <50% RH, can stop dehumidification. Deerma DEM-DT16C operates quite quietly with low noise because it has a quiet air duct design for mild hygroscopic sound such as whispering, not affecting work, living or sleep.Deerma DEM-DT16C dehumidifier

Flexible design, dual filter system

DEM-DT16C dehumidifiers brand Deerma property size 328 x 197 x 508mm and looks quite compact. The bottom of the dehumidifier is equipped with 4 multi-function wheels, making it easy to move to many different positions in the house such as living room, bedroom, bathroom, … so that your house is always dry.Deerma DEM-DT16C dehumidifier

In addition, the Deerma high-end dehumidifier is equipped with an activated carbon filter that absorbs odorous molecules and a nylon filter to block hair and dust. The dehumidifying capacity can be up to 15L , equivalent to 60 250ml mineral water bottles. Users can flexibly choose the drainage mode to suit such as manual drainage with living room and bedroom, automatic drainage with bathroom, kitchen, .Deerma DEM-DT16C dehumidifier



Brand Deerma
Model DEM-DT16C
Released Date 2021
Status Available

More Features

Dimensions & Weight

Product Weight 10.60kg
Product size 328 x 197 x 508mm


Package content 1 x Deerma Dehumidifier,1 x Manual,1 x CN Plug


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