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BW-VC3: The Roboscope

BW-VC3: The Roboscope
Brand: BlitzWolf
Category: Vacuum Cleaner
  • Feature 1: 2 in 1 synchronous sweeping + mopping, designed for deep and efficient cleaning
  • Feature 2: 1600Pa suction ideal for removing dust, hair, crumbs, and other dirt from carpets & hard floors
  • Feature 3: Works with Alexa, Google home, control BW-VC3 with your voice
  • Feature 4: Smart path planning, with gyroscope navigation and advanced processing, the BW-VC3 scans the whole room
  • Feature 5: Multiple different smart sensors, precisely senses the environment and adjusts accordingly
  • Feature 6: BlitzWolf clean APP control, cleans your house before your guests arrive


Our Rating

The overall rating is based on review by our experts

  • Design 9 / 10
  • Motor 8 / 10
  • Usability 9 / 10
  • Performance 8 / 10

Tossing your standards a dear little reader is not bad especially when it comes to BW-VC3. In most cases, i.e., by lowering your expectations from a new product you have in mind, you also save a few euros.


BW-VC3 Need

Roboscopes are not just a new trend of our time. In many cases, they are a “must” market, as their technology has evolved significantly.

This robotic helper often frees us from the house chores, cleaning our space diligently to devote our time to other activities.

Of course – still, at least – we are not talking about the “perfect” broom that will clean as well as the human hand, as in some cases (in the corners, for example), they limp.

In general, however, a purchase of such a gadget will satisfy you.

But what happens when our budget does not reach the expensive brooms of trade? Here comes BlitzWolf to fill the gap with its new BW – VC 3.


Although it is the next model from the well-known BW-VC2 ( HERE you will find it on offer at 219 € from Europe), nevertheless, we are talking about a lower model.

We said we lower our standards a bit, but we also save a lot of money.

With the VC3, you can both sweep and mop your floor. It has voice commands and its app to control it from your mobile phone, and if you do not have enough of them, it also has its control on the package!

One of its advantages is the large bucket for dust/dirt (500ml when VC2 has 380ml) and the large water container (300ml instead of 100ml or VC2).


Besides, its other advantage is that it is a very thin broom with a height of only 7.3cm. To penetrate everywhere and clean.

Its power does not reach 2200pa of VC2 since it stops at 1600pa, while you will not find LDS Laser Navigation, SLAM algorithm, or Sharpedge algorithm.

The VC 3 has gyroscopic navigation to find its way into your home and clear it by passing in “S” formations.

It records the space and remembers where it has passed while it is “loaded” with many sensors. In this part, you will not complain.

Good to Know

It has eight different sensors for optimal results, among which you will find anti-falling (not to fall from stairs), anti-collision (not to hit your furniture), obstacle climbing (to climb from small obstacles), etc.

The robot works continuously for up to 2 hours (it spins on its own when the battery runs out), it can easily pass through carpets with a maximum thickness of 1.5cm. It fully charges within 5 hours and is not noisy (below 64dB).

You will not have to give much or wait long for the new BlitzWolf broom (although the latter is not specific).

Its cost is € 133.8 and comes from the Czech Republic, which means that it will either take 8-10 days to reach your home or talk about the classic 25-day (approximately).

Of course, if your budget “raises” another 90 €, prefer the BW- VC2, which you will also find from the Czech Republic at 203.5 € (if the offer/coupon has not expired).


Vacuum Cleaner General

Dimensions and Weight

Package Size 33.05 x 32.90 x 7.02 cm / 13.01 x 12.95 x 2.76 inch
Package weight 2.36 kg
Package content 1 x BlitzWolf® BW-VC3 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner, 1 x Remote Control(without battery), 1 x Rag, 1 x High-Efficiency Filter, 1 x Planting Brush, 1 x Brush, 1 x Water Tank, 1 x Charging Dock, 4 x Side Brushes, 1 x Charging Cable, 1 x User Manual


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