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Xiaomi Hybrid Hi-Fi Earphones launches for $31

There’s excitement for audio lovers in China, because, Xiaomi is expected to release their highly anticipated top of the line, premium “Hybrid Hi-Fi Earbuds.” The release is scheduled in China, and Xiaomi will showcase a presentation for their new headphones, partnered with 1MORE.

Through a partnership between Xiaomi and 1MORE, they have come up with brand new Hybrid Hi-Fi earbuds. Branded with the “1MORE” logo, this pair of premium earbuds come out at a cost of only 199 Yuan, which equals $31 US, which is an amazing value.


Xiaomi Hi-Fi headphones




1More has previously sold more than 13 Million of their own headsets before partnership with Xiaomi, so with the partnership with the China OEM giant, this should skyrocket sales much more dramatically. With its own Four Nuclear Drive technology, it is said that this pair of headsets are able to produce realistic sound details, and able to produce the highest quality of audio available to the market today.

The value for this is amazing, considering the next competitor, the Iron Ring Hi-Fi headsets cost way more than what this pair of headphones are currently priced at. Since these headphones are believed to produce top of the class audio quality, average users may not notice the difference or appreciate the difference in audio quality, but for audiophiles out there, this may be a product you would want to consider, especially with such a low price tag.


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