These are the Xiaomi Smartphones that offer portrait mode with MIUI 10

With the arrival of dual digital cameras today, we have reached a time of fervent fans of its features and capabilities, today, enjoy Portrait Mode with MIUI 10 in those old Xiaomi Smartphones without a double camera, these models can enjoy the features of this fantastic mode thanks to the inclusion of the latest MIUI system update.

The idea arose when Google showed that it is not necessary to include another camera to take portrait-style photos. The Chinese company decided to enter this totally new challenge of how to create the Portrait Mode with its system?, Thanks to the developers they could discover the way to make it possible and now this functionality with the Portrait Mode with MIUI 10 has arrived for several models of Smartphones from the same company.

Confirmed 13 Xiaomi models that can now enjoy Portrait Mode with MIUI 10

portrait mode with MIUI 10 phone

If you have any of these devices that have a single camera you can now enjoy Portrait Mode with MIUI 10, you just have to update the system.

List of Xiaomi Smartphones

  • Mi MIX 2.
  • Mi 5s.
  • Mi 5S Plus (it has a double camera but no portrait mode).
  • Mi 5.
  • Mi Note 2.
  • Mi Max.
  • Mi Max 2.
  • Note 4 (India).
  • Note 4X.
  • Redmi Note 3.
  • Redmi 5.
  • Redmi 4.
  • Redmi 4X.

In addition, Xiaomi mentions that the models Mi 6 and Redmi Note 5 (India) can be used in this mode not only in the back but also in the front camera.

Amazing photographs in Portrait Mode with MIUI 10 thanks to the inclusion of AI

MIUI 10 Is Looking For Beta Testers

One of the most outstanding aspects of MIUI 10, it is the awesome images that it allows to take, with a magnificent way to capture portrait images thanks to the inclusion of artificial intelligence (AI), which allows obtaining a perfect Bokeh effect in any camera, whether double or not, a great advantage compared to its previous version.

Xiaomi hopes to offer Portrait Mode with MIUI 10 soon for more models

The Chinese manufacturer has planned to soon offer Portrait Mode with MIUI 10 to more models from the firm. This new version comes with a set of new improved features, thus providing an optimization of the use of the touchscreen, as well as improvements in other features of this new version of the system. The official availability of the full version of MIUI 10 is not known exactly, but the update is expected to be available on compatible smartphones starting in mid-June. However, the beta version is now available for compatible Smartphones.

Source: gizmochina

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