PomeIo P5 Electric Skateboard, on Sale For Only $499.99 (Coupon included)

Today we will break all the parameters and we will submerge is a range of products that are incredibly fun, because thanks to them we will explore a new facet to transport us with a lot of styles. A vivid example of what we are talking about is the  Xiaomi Ninebot Plus , a scooter with a futuristic design that will fall in love with more than one and to continue with this theme, the star of today is emerging as a simply great device, the PomeIo P5 Electric Skateboard is an electric skateboard that comes with a fascinating discount accompanied by a coupon, so it is simply a must. So join us to learn more about this beauty.

PomeIo P5 Electric Skateboard introduction

PomeIo P5 Electric Skateboard: Design

The PomeIo P5 Electric Skateboard has a design very similar to other skateboards and to tell the truth, it does not have much room to change the symmetry of it since to be a skateboard it must maintain certain standards in design, so we can not wait for greater innovation in this aspect. It is available in a single color, black, a pretty successful color taking into account that it is a product that is incredibly prone to getting dirty. In the center we will appreciate the manufacturer’s logo in orange, presenting an excellent contrast that manages to draw our attention. The table is made of non-slip maple fiberglass, assuring us great resistance to adversities while offering us security.

PomeIo P5 Electric Skateboard design

In the lower part, we will locate the wheels, these are distributed in pairs located in each corner, 1 pair for the front and 1 pair for the rear. They are made of solid rubber with a thickness of 8cm, being resistant to wear. Near the rear wheels, we have the engine and the battery, both are removable, so we can use our skateboard rudimentarily without them, although the real beauty of this device is its electrical operation.

PomeIo P5 Electric Skateboard design

PomeIo P5 Electric Skateboard: Engine

The PomeIo P5 Electric Skateboard comes with a pair of 160W motors, which assure us a speed between 15 and 20 kilometers per hour, although if the track is in optimal conditions, with this we mean that it is free of obstacles and is smooth, at the same time that the user is of a lightweight, around 50 kilograms, can reach up to 35 kilometers per hour, but the latter as you can see requires several factors that may not always be available.

PomeIo P5 Electric Skateboard engine

PomeIo P5 Electric Skateboard: Battery

The PomeIo P5 Electric Skateboard has a battery with a capacity of 5800mAh, which ensures us to move up to 20 kilometers and in case of running out of load halfway we should not worry, since it is removable as we mentioned above, this way we will continue our trip to the purest retro style.

PomeIo P5 Electric Skateboard battery

PomeIo P5 Electric Skateboard: Ways of use

The PomeIo P5 Electric Skateboard has 2 modes of use, the professional mode and the beginner, Both modes can be activated by the remote control included in the purchase. The first one is aimed at the more expert users while the second one has certain restrictions for the novice.

PomeIo P5 Electric Skateboard modes of use

Where to buy it?

Currently, we can acquire the  PomeIo P5 Electric Skateboard in Gearbest with an incredible discount,  all we have to do is apply the following coupon (PomP5US) so that the final price will be only  $499.99,  the change would be  €425.  Like any offer, it has a  time limit,  so we must hurry if we want to take advantage of it. Then we will leave the purchase link in case you are interested in this beauty:

Coupon: PomP5US


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