POCO addresses the screen problems of the Pocophone F1

For a few weeks, there have been problems with the recently launched Poco F1 (Pocophone F1), a terminal that is the debut of the new sub-brand of Xiaomi. This has been the focus of constant complaints from many users who say that the smartphone has “screen light dispersion”. Today the company finally pronounces itself about it and explains how they will solve the problem.

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POCO publish a statement about the screen problems of the Pocophone F1

“Screen bleeding” on the Pocophone F1

Pocophone, the new sub-brand of Xiaomi, has made public a statement to express its sincere apologies to all users who blindly trusted them despite being a recent company. They have also made use of it to explain the situations where the failures of the Pocophone F1 screen have occurred.

0.3% of users had real problems

It was explained that the problem of light leaks is due to the presence of a bright gradient that appears in the lower frame of the screen of some devices. They claim that less than 0.3% of users have experienced this phenomenon, and although they also affirm that this does not affect the performance or the experience of using the phone, they have made it clear that they believe that the best way to keep their users satisfied is to provide the highest quality. Keeping that in mind, the company is committed to further reducing tolerances to ensure that users have the experience they expect from Xiaomi.

POCO publish a statement about the screen problems of the Pocophone F1

Poco will eliminate the design gradient with MIUI 10

Even when they recognize the problem in a percentage of users, they also took the opportunity to say that certain screens in MIUI 9 for Poco present a design gradient, but this does not mean that there is a light dispersion on the screen. To avoid further problems, this feature will be removed from the MIUI 10 update onwards.

However, many users have complained by using irrefutable evidence of the problem, being in some cases, quite evident at the bottom edge of the screen. They define it as a “strange lighting” that is only noticeable in the dark after maximizing brightness.

POCO publish a statement about the screen problems of the Pocophone F1

Poco by Xiaomi urges to make use of the service center

As this is a problem that has affected users in both India and Indonesia, at the end of the statement, the company encourages users to visit any of the 1,000+ service centers. This way you can have an expert who will examine your device if it shows any irregularity.

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