A Pocophone F1 with 8GB of RAM is detected in GeekBench one day before its launch

Just one day before the great Xiaomi officially launches its new smartphone Pocophone F1 on August 22 in India, the model has just been evaluated: this mobile device was seen in GeekBench with a large 8GB RAM memory. Okay, this is not the first time that this phone appears in the GeekBench database, but the previous model only appeared with 6GB of RAM, compared to the 8GB that can be seen in this new version.

And yes, we call it this way because this information is clearly an indication that the device will have a version of 6GB of RAM and another of 8GB of RAM. Surprisingly, the CPU performance of this new 8GB version in single-core and multi-core testing is slightly different.

A Pocophone F1 with 8GB of RAM is detected in GeekBench one day before its launch

The Pocophone F1 with 8GB of RAM appears in GeekBench

The 8GB RAM version of the Pocophone F1 scored 2451 points in the single-threaded test, while achieving a multi-core test score of 8998 points. The single-core and multi-core scores of the 8GB RAM model are at similar levels with other phones that feature the Snapdragon 845, like the OnePlus 6, the Xiaomi Mi 8, the HTC U12 and so on.

On the other hand, this version with 6GB of RAM memory had scored 9081 points in multi-core performance, being above large flagships such as the OnePlus 6, the Xiaomi Mi 8 and the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, while it obtained 2467 points in single-core performance, a category in which the only device that surpasses it is the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

A Pocophone F1 with 8GB of RAM appears in GeekBench

What would be the specifications of this smartphone?

Speaking of the specification part, the Pocophone F1 is expected to have a 5.99-inch IPS LCD screen with Xiaomi’s face scan technology located inside the notch located on the front of this phone. The device includes a vertically aligned double rear camera configuration positioned in the middle of the body thereof; this rear camera is a combo of 12-megapixel and 5-megapixel sensors, while the front camera specially made for selfies is based on a 20-megapixel sensor.

Likewise, it is also said that the body of this phone is made of plastic despite having a Snapdragon 845 chipset and the options of 6GB and 8GB of RAM. Finally, this smartphone will also have a battery with a capacity of 4000mAh.

Pocophone F1


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