Pisen HD500 Review

PISEN Electronics’ latest product is the PISEN HD500 Enthusiast grade “Hi-Fi” headphones. These headphones claim to be among the best quality of consumer grade “Enthusiast” headphones.  Welcome to our review of the PISEN HD500 headphones.

First off with the packaging of the HD500 headphones. The box has a matte black finish to it, similar to the North American ‘Beats By Dre” premium headphones that cost big bucks for. The packaging of the box shows off the Headphones’ speakers along with the official PISEN logo branding, along with the Hi-Fi labeling, and the headphones’ model number.





The cell size of these headphones are about 40mm, a noise sensitivity of 103 ± 4dB, and a 1.5 meter long 3.5mm headphone jack cable. which is also removable, allowing users to plug int into the headphones, as well as into the device.



On the back of the box, like any other electronic product, we see more branding and model number, as well as specific details about the headset, like compatibility, headphone specs, headphone features, and basic packaging contents. Inside the box we don’t see much, except for a plastic mould for the device to rest upon, with the actual PISEN HD500 headphones sitting on top, with the wires separated/unplugged resting just below the head support.


The headphone build quality is very strong, made with brushed aluminum and premium quality materials, especially for the soft headphone covering part. It’s quite soft. We can see the PISEN logo branding on the side of the headphones, just engraved onto the brushed aluminum.


PISEN HD 500 Headphones 3



And let’s move on to the headphone connector. Here, we see the 3.5mm headphone jack that plugs into an audio device. We can see this thing is very thick, as well as made with a gold plated finish, allowing for the best connectivity to increase audio quality.


PISEN HD 500 Connector


The quality of the headphones are impressive, where the entire build is solid and durable, made with the brushed aluminum on the headphone’s side, as well as the leather-looking material that surrounds the top of the head support, as well as the ear coverings.


PISEN HD 500 headphones 4



The overall weight of the headphones are pretty heavy, weighing in at almost 400 grams, mostly because the entire headphone is built with premium materials like aluminum/metal, so that’s why they weigh so much for the most part, but the audio quality and feel makes up for the extra weight. You can also swivel the headphone, making it into side-facing stereo speakers that you can hang off of your neck instead of wearing them, to make carrying them around for extended periods of time easier on your body.


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One Comment

  1. I realy like the look of them they feel solid but. …
    Are they comfortable to wear for long time ?
    How do they compete with headphones near their price tag ? Do they have a mic ? U didn’t talk about the audio quality at all i did understand that they are solid and made from premium materials but most
    importantly do they sound good ? Esp the bass ?

    Thx for the review

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