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PIPO X12 Review: New TV Box Tablet

Tablet with stylus

Until recently, famous Chinese electronics manufacturer company Pipo Tech, known for its hybrids of tablets and nettops, consistently released models of its devices – X8, X9, X10. However, suddenly, for an unknown reason stepping through the eleventh number, on August 15, 2017, the Pipo X12 came on sale: a new model of mini PC with a touchscreen.

What new device has received, what technical characteristics it has, and where and for how much it is sold, that and more will be discussed further in our review.

Package content

Each set-top box is tested, tuned and undergoes a thorough check before sending.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Pipo X12 mini PC
  • 1 x Power supply
  • 1 x Stylus
  • 1 x English manual


The Design and Appearance of the Pipo X12 Computer

Pipo X12 computer supports dual boot operating system Windows 10/Android 5.1. Like the previous one, it uses a four-core Intel Cherry Trail Z8350 processor as its central processor. Its operating frequency is 1.44 GHz, but if necessary it can be increased to 1.92 GHz since the processor is equipped with active cooling.


On both sides of the box, there are two speakers which provide a good sound quality.

pipo-x12 speakers

You can see the power button, volume, status LED, audio jack, a USB 2.0 port and a USB 3.0 connector on one of the sides of the Pipo X12 near the speaker.


There are other connectors and the external WiFi antenna on the back of Pipo X12.
It has a micro SD card reader, two USB 2.0 connectors, HDMI 1.4 video output, 10/100 Ethernet port, round power connector and a COM port too. Different series of slots are used for allowing air to go out from the fan.


Turning the opposite side of Pipo X12 computer, we can see that there is an aluminum cover with ventilation grilles. Four flat rubber legs which are situated on the four corners of the computer hide Pipo X12 screws.

If you look at the back panel of the device, in addition to the standard set of ports, you can see an almost not found in consumer electronics connector RS-232, better known as a serial port. It is not known what kind of application the engineers put into it when placed on the motherboard, but now the periphery built by the asynchronous UART interface can be used with PIPO X12 directly without additional adapters. The device can be used as part of a POS system with a barcode scanner, a bank card reader and other cash equipment connected to it via the RS232 port.


The base plate is similar to the Pipo X10 model base. However, here we have some additions. If you open the lid of the Pipo X12, then you can notice changes with the insertion of the COM port. Also, in this model, we have a module for the side connectors and the touch screen module.

Underneath of the Pipo X12, there is a battery wrapped in the plastic mold and a button battery for the BIOS. It is worth to notice that the 3×3 cm fan of this model is an improved version of the previous one. The fan is less noisy, and it cools the system a bit better.


The Screen of Pipo X12 and its speakers

The presence of a large touch screen is a characteristic feature of the Pipo X series devices. This allows you to reject external manipulators such as a mouse and keyboard while interacting with the operating system and software. Please note that this feature is very unusual for mini PCs and Smart TV set-top boxes. In this case, we have an IPS multi-touch screen (up to 5 points of touch) with a diagonal of 10.8 inches and a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. Additionally, the device features HDMI 1.4a and VGA outputs for connecting an external monitor.



For more productive work with the touchscreen, the manufacturer has developed and put into the kit a proprietary active stylus, supporting 1024 levels of pressure. With it, you can carry out handwriting, work in graphics editors, and also manage the device like using a computer mouse.

A nice feature of the PIPO X12 is the built-in battery with the capacity of 10.000 mAh. It can provide from 3 to 10 hours of battery life depending on the load. With the micro USB connector, which is in the middle of the device, it can be charged the small internal battery of the stylus. There are two buttons near the status LED. One button which is near the LED light indicator does the undo function, and the side one clicks on windows.


Features and Specifications of Pipo X12

As we already mentioned, the tablet PC, Pipo X12 is equipped with a quad-core Intel Cherry Trail Z8350 processor (2 MB of cache memory, up to 1.92 GHz) and Intel HD Graphics processor. It is built-in alongside 4GB of RAM + 64GB ROM with the 10.8-inch screen with Full HD resolution. The resolution helps to provide you with exquisite visual pleasure. It operates with two operating systems: Windows 10 (64 bit) and Android 5.1. This is convenient for the user because the prefix can be used as a media center for watching TV channels via the Internet or as a full-fledged personal computer for work or games.

A distinctive feature of the Windows box Pipo X12  is the presence of a touchscreen.

The Mini PC  Pipo X12  has the following ports: HDMI, VGA, 4pcs USB, RJ45 (LAN), 3.5mm audio output, memory card slot and has the following wireless interfaces: Bluetooth v .4.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n. Additionally,  Windows box Pipo X12 has an external antenna, which allows you to receive a signal more confidently.

Features of mini PC  PiPO X12:

  1. Having a 10.8-inch touch screen
  2. Dual OS: Windows 10 and Android 5.1.
  3. All the necessary interfaces are wireless and external connectors, 4 USB connectors, which allow you to connect additional devices to the console: flash-memory cards, web cameras, microphones, joysticks, mice, keyboards, etc.
  4. Access to a large list of TV channels online (thanks to OS technology Torrent TV).
  5. Using various Internet services through the browser or using special applications (social networks, online theaters, e-mail, etc.)
  6. The ability to install PC programs.

Pipo X12

To control the console we can use different manipulators. The installation of additional software is not required.

As the processor remained the same, the integrated graphics did not change; it’s still the same Intel HD Graphics of the eighth generation. The amount of RAM and the amount of internal storage also remained unchanged – it is 4 and 64 gigabytes, respectively.

One of the main innovations was support for dual-band WiFi – this will allow using a wireless connection both at 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz, which will favorably affect the speed and stability of the connection.

The Pipo X12 has 3 USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0 for connecting external devices, HDMI for outputting images to external screens, LAN for wired Internet connection and a local network. Also, a micro SD slot for memory cards of the appropriate format.

Pipo X 12


Operating system:  Windows 10 Processor:  Intel Cherry Trail Z8350 up to 1.92 GHz (4 cores)

Graphics:  Intel HD Graphics (Gen 8)

Memory:  4 GB DDR3

Internal storage:  64 GB eMMC

Built-in battery:  10000 mAh

Communications:  WiFi 2.4 / 5.8 GHz, LAN 100 Mbit, Bluetooth 4.0, 3xUSB 2.0, 1xUSB 3.0, HDMI, RS-232, MicroSD, 3.5 mm headset jack


When we turn on the Pipo X12, we notice that Windows 10 Home is already installed. It is an entirely legal license with a 1607 version. Also, note that the startup time is 22 seconds.



Hardware specifications


The Pipo X12 tablet combines the SoC Intel Atom x5-Z8350 Quad Core. It’s processors operate at an average speed of 1.4 GHz. At turbo mode can reach up to 1.92 GHz according to particular needs. The average working rate of the GPU is 200Mhz although it can arrive punctually up to 500MHz when more power is required. It is the main change compared with the previous Intel models.


Power consumption and battery

The model PIPO X12 has the 10000 mAh battery, which lasts about 4 hours. Depending on what we are doing with Pipo X12 computer we can increase the lasting battery hours. If you only play video, then it might reach to 6 hours. Using the integrated screen can influence the battery life too. The maximum point of power consumption is 17W when it has to feed the screen components.


So our review has come to an end. We got acquainted with the technical characteristics of the device; it’s bundling, learned the cost and the best places to purchase. It is not yet known whether the X12 will gain wide popularity, repeating the success of previous models, but it certainly has all the possibilities for it. Compared to its competitors and previous versions it has an improvement in thermal and noise features. Also, it is worthy to gain your attention thanks to the appealing design of Pipo X12. Quite small and comfortable for use.

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