Pico Goblin 2 VR Headset Review

Pico is a VR focused tech company building VR headset science 2016. Their most recent headset hit to the market named Pico goblin (G2), it’s a standalone all in one headset. Earlier they released two more standalone headset model Pico Goblin, Pico Neo. However, Pico Goblin 2 is which also known as little monster 2 is an all in one device, here is are the review of this little monster.

Pico Goblin 2 VR Headset review

Pico Goblin 2 VR Headset Review

Comparing to the last version of the headset by Pico, G2 is upgraded at every spear of specifications. Here we will try to compare and make the review as well.

Chatter raised in VR headset user’s community that, Pico Goblin already beat to the other VR headset manufacturer giants like the Oculus Go, Lenovo Mirage Solo, and HTC VIVE Focus. So now what you are expecting at its updated version? Obviously, something great happened.

Design and Appearance

Pico Goblin 2 has a compact design and overall appearance is simple, atmospheric and elegant. The headset color is a combination of white and gray, simply a perfect matching.

The little monster is compact with the handle. USB cable, charging head, manual, USB cable interface in USB type C, I myself appreciate USB type C interface due to most mobile phones till now use USB type C interface. They used a universal data line which helps in easy charging.

Battery Location

The battery is situated in the headband part, which actually reduced the weight of the front body. The Little Monster 2 kept also kept the option to balance the weight in the front body.

The Body Buttons

In top right there is the return button, the confirmation button, and the home button. At the bottom left to right, there is the volume button, the headphone jack, the USB type C 3.0 connector, the micro SD slot and also the power button.

Operation Flexibility

You know, there are two ways to operate Pico headset, both the buttons of the body and the movement of the handle. You can use whatever you like but it is worth to use the handle due to its more convenient and flexible. One more thing is Pico monster 2 supports the stereo speaker.


Pico G2 weight is significantly less than Pico Goblin. Its weight is now 268 gm compared to Goblin 400gm, 40% less than the previous one, which is significantly low and it’s a sign of development in several sectors. It will create less pressure to your nose while wearing for a long time.

The Handles

The Pico Goblin 2 comes with a 3DOF handle with a trigger button and optimized key arrangement. Its gray in color consists of advanced control with the touchpad, home button, back button, volume button and trigger button. Weather, you play a game, watch videos, you will be able to hand perform them nicely. The handle runs with two 7-cell batteries.

The difference with Pico Goblin in Design

First, the wearing method, it’s the biggest difference with Pico Goblin in terms of design. Pico Goblin 2 focused on to reduce pressure on the face and comfort wearing. So they designed in such a way that, it reduces the pressure on the face and hassle free long time enjoy. The Pico Monster 2 uses a battery rear design, and the battery line is connected to the head main body through the top headband so that the wearing pressure eventually distributed throughout the head. Simply, clever engineering.

Moreover, a loose headband is added to the top headband of the integrated machine, and the user can automatically achieve a good wearing effect without having to adjust the headband tightly when wearing.

The Display

Pico Goblin 2 comes with 3.5 TFT display has two 1440*1600 Fresnel lenses with 2880*1600 resolution. The refresh rate is very high, reach 90Hz and the field of view angle is 101 degrees. Comparing to the other present models from the point of view, this configuration is literally high.

Built Material

The headset is built with polycarbonate, which is widely used for electronic gadgets. A polycarbonate is actually a group of thermoplastic polymers which ensures a tough, strong and sturdy construction. The whole structure is made of frosted hard plastic whose primary component is polycarbonate.

On the other hand, to ensure heat dissipation and proper air circulation to remove heat main fuselage the front panel made it knitted mesh cloth and gray in color.

Technical Specifications

Pico Goblin 2 hardware is impressively featured with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 CPU with 4G high-speed LPDDR4 4GB RAM. 32GB UFS2.1 storage, up to 256GB memory card expansion, and Little Monster 2 uses Android 8.1 kernel. It has a 3K screen resolution display with perfect blue ray reduction capacity. The 3K resolution of the Little Monster 2 is a standard RGB arrangement, so it is better than the same in terms of fineness. Resolution of OLED. The refresh rate is 90 Hz and 101-degree FOV which delivers really a good experience. The battery last as announced 2 to 2.5 hours. It follows 3DOF tracking. Overall, impressive technical specifications.

Performance Evaluation

Pico Goblin received a lot of well reviews and cognates from its first-hand users. VR gaming, VR video everything was running smooth and fine.

VR Games

The powerful VR games perform very well in Pico Goblin 2. The 3k display, you know, makes the immersion is very strong during the game experience. There is no jamming phenomenon, the picture shows very clearly, the 3D effect is outstanding. shows crystal clear graphics and which is clearly different from ordinary pc games.

A real-time example experienced by the users in case of the game ‘hunter gate’. It’s a powerful game, called a masterpiece VR game, a shooting game and the disc key controls its characters. However, users played this masterpiece very well.

To experience the VR gaming performance of Pico Goblin 2 you I suggest you play another game ‘the spark of light’. Hope you will love it.

VR Video

Watching VR Videos is the main game of VR devices. So everyone wants to experience VR videos as soon as they buy it. The thing is, Pico Goblin 2 VR video performance is good.

Pico Goblin 2 also offers two new applications for video: mobile screencasting and Pico multiplayer theater. With the mobile screencasting feature, users can easily stream their mobile phones, PCs, and local videos to the Pico player for an unprecedented immersive experience. Mobile screen projection supports online video projection of iQiyi, Youku and Tencent video. Users can also play the local video of the mobile phone to play on the little monster 2 by installing the music broadcast screen app.

Not Necessary to Equipped with a Mobile App

The few other headsets need to be equipped with a mobile app, but with Pico G2 you will be able to connect directly with Wifi, just press and hold the power button to start the all-in-one VR headset Pico Goblin 2.

Two Recommended Apps to use in Pico Goblin 2

Pico giant screen theater is a cinema app in the Pico Goblin 2, which allows you to be in a giant cinema and its resolution is also very satisfactory. Though VR world till now is a newborn baby, and VR video experience may not improve in this short span of time but using this cinema you feel improved VR video experience in Pico Goblin 2. It supports online 2D?3D video and you can enjoy the cinema like movie experience anytime and anywhere and this is called the viewing artifact.

Another app is Pa space Giant Screen for VR social networking. If you like to use it, you will be able to watch movies and live events with friends and families, can create their own avatars, communicate over voice and send expressions. Really a cool thing.

About Mobile Screen Casting Function

Another nice thing about Pico goblin 2 is it support mobile screencast function. You have to install musiccast screen app on a mobile phone and the VR headset able to cast then the mobile phone local video. It also supports mobile phone image projection screen.

Few downsides we have noticed

There is face foam and it may be a reason behind sweat and therefore causes the lens fogged. It’s a bit annoying, makes the picture blurry and the feeling is also sultry. So to get rid of it, after a certain period of interval you have to take a break, wipe the lens again and again. The only problem users ever experienced for Pico Goblin 2.

Besides, this headset can only track or recognize left and right and up and down the rotation of the user’s head and cannot recognize the front and back movement of the head. It uses 3Dof positioning tracking like the Xiaomi VR all-in-one. It’s also another downside we think.

Also, some users claimed for the speaker’s position which is below the device and seems like the sound is continuously getting downwards. However, the sound quality is good but some users didn’t like the speaker’s position, not a big deal I think.

What’s Inside

The headset is beautifully packaged in the compact white box.

  • VR headset
  • Head strap
  • Controller
  • Charger cable

Is it worth to Buy Pico Goblin 2?

Simply the answer is yes. Pico G2 is the latest model of Goblin series with an upgraded configuration like with 3k screen which is very high than average VR devices, 4Gb RAM, Snapdragon 835 processor overall highest configuration combination at this time. But we know 3DOF has limitations of degrees of freedom, which is used by Pico G2, which can only be solved with 6DOF degrees of freedom. The positioning is better after all.

So if you like to watch the giant screen with VR devices, then this headset is still worth buying.


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