Pick Up The Xiaomi 5-in-1 Smart Home Security Kit For $69.90 on GearBest (Coupon)

It is the dream of most people to make their homes smart by embracing IoT technology but what many of them don’t know is that just about any home can be turned into a smart home. One tool which can assist in doing that is the Xiaomi 5-in-1 Smart Home security kit. The SmartThings kit has everything you need to create and monitor your own smart home in no time. Once you’ve set up the kits, they let you connect with hundreds of compatible smart devices for limitless possibilities. LightInTheBox is currently is offering the Smart Home Kit for a reduced price of $69.90.

The smart home kit consists of five (5) different gadgets which are a multifunctional gateway remote control, a window/door sensor, smart wireless switch, human body sensor and a power outlet socket.

Multifunctional Gateway Remote Control
This is the hub and as a remote control is truly multifunctional as it comes with support for online radio, has a built-in speaker, and can time when you are asleep and then go off and also it can work as an alarm to detect when to come back on. The device also has a built-in light sensor with 16 million changeable color lights which turn on when in low-light conditions. In addition, users can connect to the Smart Home app and upload the music they want for the alarm. It can also be connected to the other gadgets like the body sensor in order to turn on the light when someone passes by. It also connects to the door sensor so that alarm rings and the light comes on when the door is opened. You can also connect the IP camera (sold separately) to this gadget so that you get reminders that there is a video waiting to be viewed in case there was an intruder in your absence.


There is also a Smart Wireless Switch which can control all connected appliances like turning them off when you’re heading to bed. It can also be used to put on the light at night and when going out: one button can be used to control household appliances. Finally, the kit contains a smart power outlet socket which detects the power rating and adjusts accordingly to protect your home appliances. All the functions can be controlled from the smartphone using the Xiaomi Smart Home available on Apple Store or Google Play Store. All these for just $69.99 which is a good price and would offer value for the money spent. You can only get this reduction when you usethe special Coupon code: GBMAR162. So, buy now using the button below.


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