PHONEMAX ACE 1 Plus Review: More than a Smartwatch


The Phonemax is the biggest manufacturers of high-quality smartphones and accessories in China. Usually, Phonemax manufactures armored and tough phones like which are suitable for any place. However, recently Phonemax released its first Android 7.0 nougat smartphone “Phonemax ACE 1 Plus”. Its high-tech manufacturing process with the latest technology helps in making the best quality smartphones.

The increasing demand for compatible and advanced technology phones at competitive price overs at Phonemax. A large amount of the production of gadgets in China makes it more affordable for the users. The new Phonemax ACE 1 Plus smartphone comes with the Android 7.0 nougat for the powerful customer experience. The all data software and the features of the smartphone makes it ready to compete with other high-tech smartphones with a small price of around $109.

Moreover, Phonemax is known to create a blast in the market with their highly equipped products in the matter of features which meets the demands of the customers. The earlier version Phonemax smarty 4, indicates that phonemax always wants to create the monopoly in the world of smartphones. The other thing that makes it more common for people is the affordable price of the gadget.

As you know, the new Phonemax ACE 1 Plus is available at a low cost. But the phone provides you with all the necessary features that are useful for a person in the smartphones. This phone comes with a single color, i.e., space grey.

The new Phonemax ACE 1 Plus is the flagship of the company in 2018 after the launch of its various successful products. Same is the ACE 1 Plus for you equipped with top quality features for a person who needs a phone at low budget.

Let’s dive in:

Phonemax ACE 1 Plus specification:

Un-boxing the smartphone:

There is always a different excitement when you get a new phone. The excitement doubles when you have a smartphone with unlimited features in your hands. The new Phonemax ACE 1 Plus comes in a black box. When you un-box the phone, the black box comes with a small logo of the company (Phonemax). The table does not contain any other valuable thing on it. The only thing you get on the side of the box is the sticker which comes with the simple information on it. The information is only about the features and the specifications of the phone. Along with it, you can see the color of the model.

Phonemax ACE 1 Plus

When you open the box, you have a clear view of the smartphone that is in the foam. The screen of the watch has a protective film or a wrap just like a dial interface. Another thing you get in the box is the booklet which contains all the information of the model starting from how to use it and other features. The booklet comes in various languages like English, German, Chinese, Japanese and many more which are useful all over the world to understand the characteristics of the phone.


To start with the design sector, we begin with the shape of the smartphone. The form of the smartphone is the same as the other smartphones in the market with small changes in rectangular design. The smartphone is square with the trimmed corners. The screen of the Ulefone S1 comes with the regular screen with a capacitive screen. The display and the resolution of the screen are 480*960. This resolution of the phone is quite enough as compared to another phone. As this resolution and IPS display, it provides you with an ultra clear view of the screen with a massive number of pixels.

Phonemax ACE 1 Plus

The large screen of the phone provides the users with a bright and better quality of view of the screen. As per the latest technology and the future smartphones, the size of the watch is suitable for a person to use. The high definition picture provides you a better look than other smartphones at this price.

The rectangular shape of the watch is the thing which catches the eyes of everyone; this shape makes it one of the most stylish phones at the first look.

The design of the gadget is the thing that brings the attention of customers which makes it one of the stylish watches at the first look. Along with the elegant look, Ulefone S1 Smartphone also looks like a mini tablet. The overall look for this gadget is simple with a classic look.


This new Phonemax ACE 1Plus comes with a lot of different features as compared to the other smartphones on the market. As there is a small difference made by the company (Phonemax). But this little difference makes the significant effect on the market of smartphones. The new Phonemax ACE 1 Plus is made up of the metal, and the screen of this smartphone comes with a covered glass. This glass protects your screen from small falls or scratches.
The display of the smartphones covers around 75% of the screen.

Phonemax ACE 1 Plus

Just like other phones on the market which provides about the full view of the screen. Phonemax also tries to match the same quality. Along with all this, the new smartphones gives you the ability to use the phone with four fingers at a time. At the same time, four digits work simultaneously on the screen and provide the commands to the processor at the same time.

The dimensions of the smartphones are similar to the other launched smartphones by the company (Phonemax). The sizes are 15.60*7.60*0.80 cm, this is one of the sleek phones with very lightweight and is very easy to handle. The weight of Phonemax ACE 1 Plus is just 170 g.


The new Phonemax Ace 1 Plus is the latest phone in the market which gives customers all the features along with the best camera. The gadget comes with a dual camera one on the back and one on the front. One of the best things you got on the phone is the camera with 13 MP. This is among the regular cameras in the phones. The 13 MP gives you a better outcome with a clear view of the pictures.

Phonemax ACE 1 Plus

The camera on the back provides you with the quality images. You can also click the professional pictures just as the photographer does. Along with this feature, the user is presented with many other facial impacts to click on the various kinds of images. You get an additional led on the back of the phone. The led light on the end is given for the night mode. You can also use the flashlight in the night for getting the perfect images.

You can also record the high-quality videos with you both the camera, from the front and the back camera. The HD video of 1500 pixels can be filed by the primary camera, which is about a very high definition quality. The resolution of the camera is 4160*3120, a severe kind of decision for a phone.

Phonemax ACE 1 Plus

Another feature this gadget comes with is that it allows you to transfer all of your photos to the devices like your laptops, or you can play the videos on the TV. The feature gives you the full access to the gallery of your phone.


Phonemax ACE 1 Plus

The sound is the first thing the customer checks in his/her phone. So for this feature Phonemax has got you an additional chip for your smartphone which is called audio amplifier chip. The chip helps the customer to listen to the bright and pure volume of a phone. This also reduces the distortion and the noise. The top sound quality of the phone prevents the lousy noise from entering your ears from the other end of the call.


As the Phonemax ACE 1 Plus is built on the latest version of Android OS v 7.0 Nougat, equipped with processor MediaTek 6750 T processor. The processor works with 4 Gb RAM. More than this phone provides the user with 64 GB of the storage memory, a vast space for a tablet to come with. The operating system takes away the interior space of 2 GB, and you are left with 62 GB of interior space.

Phonemax ACE 1 Plus

The durable battery of 3500 mAh provides the customers with about four days of charge in standby mode. For the speed, the Phonemax ACE 1 Plus works great with all the updated features in the market. This makes sure that the Andriod phone keeps you entertaining all the day.


Softwares are said to be the essential part of the technical world. The software plays a vital role in every smart gadget. The new Phonemax ACE 1 Plus runs on Android GO. The nano sim technology is upgraded in your smartphone, while you get two slots to insert the nano sims into them.

You new Phonemax ACE 1 Plus provides you with the advanced connectivity options like 4G, Wifi, and GPS. Phonemax ACE 1 Plus comes with the pre-installed Bluetooth function. The Bluetooth 4.0 helps the customer to connect his/her device with their earbuds or another tool like MP3 players or car stereo to play the music. Many people compare them to earphones, this way it becomes easy for the user to operate the phone or change the songs from the headset while not getting the phone out of the pocket.

Phonemax ACE 1 Plus

The new Phonemax ACE 1 Plus comes with additional sensors like geomagnetic sensors and barometer. All the functions help you to perform many activities like tracing your steps, tracking the speed, and also your sleep.

The android play store is the function which is pre-installed on your smartphone. This function helps you to install various applications on your phone like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. With the Media Tek 6750 T processor, you are also able to play the big games without any disturbance in them.


You will be provided with various Chinese apps in a phone that are pre-installed. You can run the various applications without any interruption in them. Without some of the issues in the opening and handling big games you can efficiently use your new smartphone. All these adverse effects on a phone can be managed by just cleaning unwanted material on the phone.

The company provides customers with updates if a processor is on a bit a slow side. The new Phonemax Ace 1 Plus product provides you with a fast processor which gives you uninterrupted use of programs. You must read all the features and the specifications carefully as they might take you a surprise if you do not do.

Phonemax ACE 1 Plus

The Phonemax ACE 1 Plus comes with WiFi and the Bluetooth connectivity which helps a user to connect it to the internet. This connectivity allows you to place video calls and many other facilities that you can use over a network. All the updates that are provided by the Phonemax ACE 1 Plus time to time made that look easy. In general, the device is not a bad deal for the small price.

Phonemax ACE 1 Plus

With sensors upgraded in a phone, you can use them in your day to day activities. The sensors like GPS will help you guide you around any part of the world. This Gps function along with a pedometer application helps you to count on the steps. Which means you can use the phone as a tracker of the record. It can record all the data of week and provide you the total workout of the week. The tracker also can give you information on your speed and distance.


Phonemax ACE 1 Plus

The Phonemax ACE 1 Plus phone has an inbuilt battery of 3500 MAh. The size of this battery is sufficient for a phone. Like, if you use the phone with battery eating applications, you will have to charge a cell at the end of the day.
It gives the user about 8 hours of full video playback. This means that the user has enough of the battery to use for your whole day. Around 10-11 hours of continuous use of the phone won’t let you know about the charge.


All in all, it is recommended if you are making your mind to buy a smartphone that cost you less price. The Phonemax ACE 1 Plus is the latest phone where your search ends. The phone provides you with all the facilities that are required in a smartphone.



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