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A water purifier is a very essential element which is extensively used in every house on a regular basis. The source from which we get water cannot be trusted all the time. For this, every family needs something to fresh their drinking water for being healthy and reduces the chances of causing water diseases. Philips CM is a brand of water purifier by which a user can easily remove the dust or germs from the water.  It has an advanced mechanism for which it can work more quickly and accurately. It can take more than 30 liters water at a time which is enough for a family to survive a day. Moreover, its price range, which is very affordable to every customer and also comparatively lower than other brands.

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The purifier is usually sent in a packet which is closely fitted after ordering this. So, for taking out it from the box first of all cut the packet or remove the tape by which the packets are closed. A user can use a knife or scissors for doing this.

What is inside the box

By opening the box, the user may notice that the purifier is in another box which is in the middle of the packet.  A faucet connection, a water filter, and some accessories are also taking place beside the purifier.

Water spray mode

It has the option water spray mode which is very efficient. After waking up in the morning we need a fresh glass of water. So, in that time we can easily take that pure water from the purifier. Besides, even the kids can also use this easily which reduces the extra workload from the parents. Even, a user can wash other things like fruits or other foods which need to clean before eating.

Extensive functions

It cleans the dust, germs which may affect our health and it also removes the dangerous bacteria. Besides, it has granular activated carbon which removes the odors, unpleasant things like chemicals, stones etc. which have serious consequences to our health. Moreover, the water which we get from this purifier is not only just fresh and pure but also it contains minerals which are very vital for human health and have a positive impact on the human body.

Fiber Ultrafiltration membrane

By this feature, Philips cm purifier can achieve 99.9% purity of the water. It has a multilayer structure for which it can easily remove the dust, bacteria and other germs.

This device has an advanced mechanism for changing the filter. It is very simple that sometimes a filter may be jam or even damage in that time, the user can change it easily. And the process is also very quick so it will not give too much hustle to the user.

An efficient quadruple filtration system

By efficient quadruple filtration system, the things like bacteria, stone, germs and other things which have negative impacts can be easily removed and the minerals which are very essential and needy for human health can be easily come out.

High-performance natural activated carbon

High performance activated carbon granule is used for removing the odors, bacteria and other things. The surface area of the purifier is quite larger and also very fine. The taste which is always a concern for everybody, by this purifier a user can get essentially the improvement of drinking water.

Sterilization and chlorine removal

Philips cm purifier uses the sterilization step for removing the bacteria, odors and other negative components. Besides, this device also removes the chlorine. We all know about the effects of chlorine on our human body. So, by using this device a user can get rid of the dangerous consequences of chlorine.

Filtering Accuracy

With the fiber ultrafiltration membrane and also with its multiple structures, an amount of 0.1 microns of filtering accuracy can be achieved. So, a user can use this without any tension about the purity of the water and it also ensures the cleanliness of the water.

Polysulfone ultrafiltration membrane

Distilled water was used for pure water permeation to obtain pure water permeability and to ensure the membrane stability. This feature ensures the membrane stability which is very vital for using a  purifier as, without its stability, an accurate result will never be obtained. Moreover, it also removes the chance of entering bacteria, odors, germs, stones which have negative consequences and effects.

Simple Disassembly

This function is useful when the user wants to change the position or location of the purifier. As it can be easily disassembled, so the user can easily utilize this. But, if its construction is very complex and it cannot be disassembled simply in that time the user may have to face a serious problem.

Total Net Amount

The net amount of this purifier is around 30 liters. So, a large quantity of water is stored in the purifier all the time and the user easily use when needs.

Product weight

This is very important when a user wants to change the position or place of the purifier. And the weight of this device is less than a half kilogram which can be easily carried ably for every kind of user.

Even the total weight of the package is only half kg which is really surprising.

Product size

The size of the product is quite small so a user can easily carry this and can take it from one place to another very easily and comfortably.


Every time before purchase anything cost is always a serious issue. Here, I believe cost can’t be an issue as the price of Philips Cm water purifier is very much affordable for any kind of users. Moreover, a purchaser also gets a Faucet Connection, A water filter, and Accessories in free of cost in times of purchasing this.

What we don’t like

As nothing is free from negative sides, this device has also some. Its total net amount is not too much compares to other brands product and it needs to be increased. And its price is although affordable still it is out of the hand of many customers.


Philips cm is a brand of water purifier by which a user can easily remove the dust, bacteria or germs from the water. Even water from this purifier also contains minerals which are vital for human health. Besides, it ensures filtering accuracy up to .1 micron and the water from this purifier is 99.9 % pure.  Moreover, its working method is also very simple and it is very affordable in price.


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