Paris receives the biggest Mi store in Europe!

Xiaomi is a company that has managed to expand well beyond their borders and its country of origin, China. That is, they have managed to open their official stores, or Mi Store, in different territories such as India, Spain, and Mexico, but since Europe is one of their most successful markets, they have decided to open a new store in Paris, France. This, however, is not a store like the others, it is, in fact, the largest Mi store in the entire European continent to date.

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New Mi Store in Paris

With the arrival of this new store, Xiaomi’s global expansion continues. The new Mi Store is located on Champs-Elysees street. What is estimated is that the official opening is at 1 PM (local time), however, some people are already preparing to start queuing up much earlier to be the first customers to enter, despite the low temperatures that are currently living in this country. Official photos of this store have been released, and Xiaomi has said that they will sell absolutely everything in their extensive catalog of products, ranging from smartphones such as Redmi Note 6 Pro or Pocophone F1, through headphones, Yi cameras, purifiers, among many other things.

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This turns out to be the second official Mi Store in Paris, however, due to its enormous size and variety of devices, it could be the company’s central point of sales in this country and Europe. If you want to celebrate the arrival of this store, but do not live in Paris, the Chinese company is making an incredible promotion on its official website, which has the Mi MIX 3 with a discount of €50 to €220, the Pocophone F1 of 6GB / 64GB costs only €320 and the Mi 8 will cost a total of €430 and you will receive €50 in Mi’s vouchers.


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