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Paranoid Android 2017 Review (Back From The Dead!)

Once upon a time there was a custom rom known as Paranoid Android which was responsible for bringing some of the coolest features to android like the pie control and the multi window mode way before Google officially implemented the feature.

Since past few years Paranoid Android has been pretty quiet and there has been no major development. The last marshmallow build was pretty bare-bones stock, with just the minimum in modifications.

But now Paranoid is back from the ashes and this time they have combined some cool new features with the older once in the flavour of latest android Nougat 7.1.2.

So in this video I am going to do an in-depth review of this rom, showing all the newly added features.

Excited so let’s get started.

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  • Aesthetics

So let’s start with the aesthetics, as soon as your device boots up to the home screen you can clearly tell that lots of work has been done into this nougat build as compared to the previous builds. The UI is also purely stock and there is nothing new in the overall design of the Android experience and personally I don’t have any complaints about that because I prefer the stock android experience over some highly skinned versions.

I am using this rom since the day it released and so far so good, the rom feels buttery smooth with no lag as of now and I pretty much enjoyed the experience, its fast and responsive as you would expect from a stable rom and now I am planning to use this as my daily driver, although I am a big Oxygen OS fan but this time Paranoid Android has borrowed some features from Oxygen OS about which I will explain in the later part of the video.

This time again wallpaper art is done by Hampus Olsson who also did the backgrounds for all the OnePlus devices and the moment you look at these awesome wallpapers you won’t stop yourself comparing these to the stock wallpaper of oneplus devices.

Talking about the battery performance which is also quite good but I think it could have been better because there are roms available with much better battery life. In this video I have used oneplus 3t but it may vary for other supported devices.


  • Features

Now let’s talk about some of the newly added features that you will find in this build and the first one on the list is Pie control, if you aren’t familiar what that is then it is basically a way of accessing navigation buttons in a slightly different manner. You have to slide over the edge of your phone to access pie controls then slide towards the slice of the pie that represents what you want and release. You can also change the trigger area by just sliding the pie control over the edges where you want it to be, so if you don’t want to use hardware buttons but still want to maximise screen space then you can opt for this and this only works within the immersive mode which is also the second added feature on our list.

Immersive mode basically allows us to hide the status bar and navigation bar to maximise the screen space. This is sort of like what happens when you are using a game or app that needs the whole screen to do its thing. Also the pie mode can only be accessed when you are in the immersive mode.

Next up we have the colour Engine through which you can change the overall look and colour scheme of the UI. Colour Engine allows you to select an underlying overall theme as a base, with a few different accent colours. If this sounds familiar to you than most probably you are a oneplus user just like me. The similar level of customization is also offered by Oxygen rom so what’s different in this one, In paranoid android Colour engine is divided into 2 colour schemes the first one is the primary colour which offers you 3 options as default, dark and pixel and the second one is the accent colours thought which you can change the accents and it offers more accent colours the oxygen OS. Additionally it also supports substratum theme engine through which you can change the overall look using themes available on play store.

There are also lots of other features like you can tweak the battery icon, enable on screen navigation keys, recent apps locking mode, quick pull down of notification panel, automatic night mode and if you are a oneplus 3 or 3t users then developers have some extra features for you like now you have the option to swap slider button which will let you reverse the order of slider and I really wanted this feature from long time, additionally you have lots of gesture option like press the power button twice to quickly launch the camera app, double tap to wake and there are lots of off screen gestures available for you to try.


  • Camera

Now let’s move towards the camera department, the stock camera app on this rom is just fantastic when you open the app it looks quite minimal, at the top you get lots of different modes like HDR, AUTO HDR, Portrait, Landscape and many more. Additionally you can also apply live filters on the go and you also have an in built beauty mode.

I took some sample images with this camera app and the pictures turn out to be bit less blowout in high-contrast circumstances, the colours have a little warmer tone and the saturation level is good but these results are under good lightning conditions.

The low light performance is also decent but I feel in low light the images are bit over saturated. Rather then that the auto focusing is just as fast as I bink my eye. Additional if you are have a oneplus 3 or 3t then you will be glad to know that developers had done enhancements to camera performance specifically for these 2 devices, they built a custom post processing algorithm which automatically finds optimal brightness, saturation, sharpness and contrast settings for your photos. The sample images that you saw is taken using oneplus 3t so the camera performance may vary for other devices.

Now as of now this rom is only available for oneplus 3 or 3t, pixel, pixel XL, nexus 5x and nexus 6p so if you own any one of these devices then you can try this rom right now. The support for other devices like Nexus 5, Nextbit Robin, OnePlus One, OnePlus 2, and OnePlus X will be added any time soon.



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