[Deal] Papa 04 DLP Projector With Dual Band WiFi & Android 5.1 For $499.99

Projectors are very sensitive equipment that is needed in a variety of environments which includes schools, office, churches, cinemas and so on. One of the most important features of a projector is its graphics because nobody wants to view a blurred projection or video from a distance which will involve straining the eyes. The Papa 04 DLP Projector comes with amazing qualities and features that make it suitable for all kind of projections irrespective of the environment of usage. Let us look into every nook and cranny of this product to see what it has to offer.

Papa 04 DLP projector

Papa 04 DLP Projector – Supports 4K Videos

Design & Appearance

One of the most attractive features of the Papa 04 DLP projector is its extremely portable size. It has a dimension of 10.20 x 10.20 x 8.70 cm and weighs only 900 grams. This means that this product can be held with one hand by an average adult and can perfectly fit into the backpack of a kid. It has a quiet design, and it’s forged from a special radiating aluminum which solves overheating problems.  It has a cuboid shape with two shades of colors. The bottom half is designed with dark gray color while the upper half where the speaker and lens are positioned has a lighter gray color.

Hardware & Performance

The Papa 04 450 lumens mini DLP projector provides infinite pleasure from large display anytime and anywhere. It runs on Android 5.1, and though the OS may sound outdated, it is more than enough for a device such as a projector. Stable, bright and sharp images are guaranteed using its Digital light processor (DLP) technology which is the general trend in supervising and controlling system. This projector has a unique LED light source, supports 4K videos, has a dual band WiFi system and its designed with energy saving feature. This product comes with a US plug, although the EU plug version is also available at the same price.

Papa 04 DLP Projector


One of the major problems of projectors is their power consumption rate and battery lifespan. For those who lament that their projectors consume a whole lot of power that a small generating set cannot power it, the Papa 04 projector is for you. The Papa 04 projector is a low power consuming a product with a large inbuilt 8000mAh lithium-polymer battery which can deliver a long usage time. This product has a lifespan of over three years, and it can wirelessly connect with iPhone, iPad, laptop using the WiFi.

The Selling Points

  • Portable design
  • 4K Videos
  • Dual Band WiFi System
  • Large Battery
  • Long Life Span

Where To Buy The The Papa 04 DLP Projector

The Papa 04 DLP Projector is curreltly available on Gearbest for $499.99.



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