Overheating Issue of Helio X20: A Stumbling Block in the Success of Xiaomi Mi5

Many among us have heard about the MediaTek Helio series. The same chipset incorporated inside the eminent phones such as Xiaomi Mi4 and Meizu Mx4. MediaTek is that SoC manufacturer which enabled Chinese phones to be at the top of every benchmark, in the previous year. Despite of the never ending performance, MediaTek Helio series has some serious issues that needs to be overcome.

The first was the Wi-Fi disconnection issue of Helio X10 (MT6795) which made MediaTek battered and specially Xiaomi. The renowned Chinese company was forced to replace MediaTek Helio X10 with a better Qualcomm Snapdragon 650.

If you think that this issue was a serious downfall for MediaTek, then you are unaware of the recent problem with the new MediaTek Helio X20. For your information, MediaTek Helio X20 (MT6797) is the world’s first processor to come up with ten high impact mobile cores. No doubt the performance can not be matched, but despite of this the processor is not that much smooth. This is because the market uploaded its overheating problems, leading to delays in customers’ products listed.

Helio X20
The most complex and wildest design to date

Helio X20 incorporates two A72 and eight A53 core, divided into three clusters. The history says that this is the first mobile chip design that is so wild, but also in line with MediaTek multi-core strategy. The performance is indeed impressive, GeekBench run sub-list thread over 2000, multi-threading is unbelievable of a record-breaking 7000.

Helio X20

MediaTek said:

The Helio X20 has been put into mass production and with be featured inside more than 10 terminals

After the issues accompanied with the upcoming Helio X20, the manufacturer still pushes X20 to a target price of 3000 – 4000 yuan. The overheating is a serious issue for MediaTek and the upcoming Xiaomi Mi5. Talking about the overheating problems, we must not forget about that it uses the TSMC 20nm HPM process manufacturing – which was used in Snapdragon 810 which created a huge negative impact on the selling of the phones in which the chip was embedded. And now that overheating trend continues to create problems. The recent one is that HTC already have canceled the X20 mobile phone project.

Helio X20 overheating issue

Let see how Xiaomi deals with the current problem in Mi5?

Source: news.mydriver,com

Update: From the benchmark it seems that Xiaomi Mi5 will come with Snapdragon 820. Much better!




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