Ourtime X01S Review: Android 5.0 smartwatch for $60!

ourtime x01s-1
Ourtime X01S Review

It was less than a month ago that Ourtime Smartwatch X01 was reviewed by Xiaomitoday. And now comes another version of smartwatcah  – Ourtime X01S. The newer version X01S is cheaper (present presale price by about ten dollars) and the specifications are not the same although the names are quite similar with just an ‘S’ added to the older Ourtime X01. Let us get a little closer and see if it wins our heart, as we carry out the Ourtime X01S review.

Quick Talk – Ourtime X01S Review

This smartwatch is built with Dual-core 1.3 Ghz MTK6572 processor and based on Android 5.1 OS. It has 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage. It has bluetooth connectivity that is 4.0 standard. It has a 2.0 Megapixels camera on the right side. That is not the end, it also has a micro SIM card slot on the left side with a well fitted tiny tray.

Ourtime X01S supports GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz and WCDMA 2100 MHz networks. In addition, it also has features like – GPS, Heart-rate monitor, Pedometer, Messaging, Calculator, Gravity sensors and Calendar.

With Android 5.1 (Lollipop), a good processor and wireless connectivity, you can visit the Play Store, download and install apps and play games. But due to size constraint, Ourtime X01S does have a small battery of 600 mAh which is enough for a smartwatch but plainly scarce for heavy tasks like playing games. To some extent, the battery drain will be compensated by the small display which will consume low power.

It is waterproof with IP67 standard. The device does not support external memory.

Dial and Display

The dial or display is square and 1.54 inch IPS touch with a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels. The square shape seems to assert simplicity and with the good, smooth finish claims to give the smartwatch market a big blow.

Ourtime X01S Review-display
Ourtime X01S Review

Wristband and Buckle

Ourtime X01S has a very good smooth finish giving is a sleek and graceful look. Steel material is used for the dial with a very smooth finish. And the watchband is made of leather and suits very well with the steel material design. Talkins about the optional color choices, there are three colors to choose from – Black, Silver and Golden.

ourtime x01s-buckle band
Ourtime X01S Review
ourtime x01s-strap quality
Ourtime X01S Review
ourtime x01s-strap buckle
Ourtime X01S Review
ourtime x01s-strap
Ourtime X01S Review

The materials used were also adequately robust, as it was observed. Ourtime X01S, from all angles, is a fine work. It seems to follow simplistic and thorough in design principle. For instance, its simple but good looking and suppose-to-be strong stainless steel buckle for its leather wristband, stands as evidence for its simplistic and thorough design approach.

Buttons and Camera

ourtime x01s-keys1
Ourtime X01S Review

At the very outset of Ourtime X01S review procedure, let us see the buttons. On the right side, there are three buttons –  the top-most being the power, the middle one is camera and bottom one being the return button.  The microphone can be embedded on the left side of  the smartwatch body.

ourtime x01s-back half
Ourtime X01S Review
ourtime x01s-camera shots
Ourtime X01S Review

And for the camera, it is just a 2 Megapixels camera that is fitted on the right side between the two buttons – power and return. What else than 2MP in this small device! With the camera, you can take a picture and even record viedeos. We were to conduct the Ourtime X01S review, but for a few moments stuck with the innovation, to honestly admit.

Wireless Connectivity

ourtime x01s-SIM slot2
Ourtime X01S Review

Ourtime X01S supports 3G (GSM and WCDMA)connectivity. It is compatible with GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz and WCDMA 2100 MHz networks. Moreover, it also has 4.0 Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity features.ourtime x01s-SIM slot cover

Battery and USB Charging

ourtime x01s-back half2
Ourtime X01S Review

This smartphone is powered by a 600 mAh battery with which the manufacturer claims an autonomy of upto 7 days. The USB slot for charging Ourtime X01S is located on the back of the smartwatch body. Again, we observed that the design and finishing of the product is quite elegant one. There was pretty nothing to complain about.

But the power consumption will widely vary on the nature of usage. As Ourtime X01S has a powerful processor and runs on Android 5.1 (Lillipop), it certainly can support games and other apps as the user can visit the Play Store and install them. If you play games and over the Wifi or the network, it is sure to drain much of the 600 mAh battery, even after considering the low power small display.


Although of small size, during ourtime X01S review, it is found that this tiny smarwatch is quite useful with its GPS features that works much the same as a smartphone of a tablet, except for the screen size.

Health Companion

ourtime x01s-heart rate monitor
Ourtime X01S Review

During Ourtime X01S review, it was found out that this smartwatch could also be a good health companion. The pedometer did respond and showed results in a short span of time on activation, in about 7 secs after activating.

It also features sedentary period monitor and sleep monitor too to assert its claim to be a good health companion at par with other available devices in the market.

Other Features

There are also other features that needs highlighting like – Call & Speed Dialing, Messaging, Music Play, Calendar, Calculator, Gravity Sensor and other tasks that can be done by installing apps from the play store.


At the present presale price which is about ten dollars cheaper than the older Ourtime X01, it is a great option to buy. The features it offers and specifications are in no way inferior in the smartphone market. Just for the sake of criticism, we can say that it does not support external memory to expand. But looking carefully with the justifications of utility of a smartphone, it does not seem to be a great requirement to enable external storage. External storage will mean additional space – for the memory and the chip on which it will be mounted inside the compact design of a smartphone, demand on power no matter how small and additional cost.

It is a good buy with big value for money.

Price and Availability

The product is available at gearbest website for a presale price of $66.99




  1. X01S does supports external memory – TF. You need to remove the back cover and battery then you will see the TF slot.

    I’m using 32GB now.

    Btw, the package does not come with flat head screwdriver which needed to open the back cover.

    1. I received my X01S a few days ago.. Nice design idea and impressive tech but as is all too common, pretty poor documentation and implementation…and some rather misleading advertising.

      Despite the advertising claims there doesn’t appear to be gravity sensor fitted, just an acceleration sensor. The adverts imply a proper heart rate sensor but that’s just using the camera, which without flash is hopeless. I have no idea how you use any pedometer functions, advertised again, but there’s no software installed. GPS is absolutely dire and just won’t get a lock in anything but perfect conditions..and even then the accuracy is pretty bad.

      Have you experienced similar issues with yours?

      1. Yes, the document is very bad.

        I m not sure about the sensor, so cannot comment.

        About the heart rate sensor, yes, it is using the camera. I did a comparison between X01S, heart beat reader and Note 4. The result are quite close to each other. I can say it is quite accurate, X01S – 65 BPM. Heart Beat Reader – 65 BPM, Note 4 – 67 BPM

        GPS – initially it is very very hard to get a lock even outside in clear sky. I downloaded GPS status & GPS status software. Use both software tried to get a lock still no go. Then I connect to a stable WiFi and after a while it is manage to lock. I can’t remember how long it take as I just leave it on the table and later it is manage t connect. Accuracy wise, no comment as I didn’t test it.

        Runtastic Pedometer, Running and Sleep Monitor software, you need to download from Play Store.

        So far Pedometer and Running software seem good but I didn’t really tested it.

        The Sleep Monitor software is unable to use due to screen size is too small to allow tap on option to do calibration. No calibration No Sleep monitor. I m still looking for a better software that can support small screen.

        I installed Nova Launcher. Look good but I cannot find a way to switch back to default launcher exception shutdown the watch and restart.

        Attached some (many) pictures for your reference.

        1. Thanks..good of you to post and all very useful..but sadly I think mine will have to go back as one of the primary uses was GPS for a golfing APP I wrote originally for Android Wear, which needs at least adequate GPS and a gravity sensor..which it just doesn’t have!

          Shame as phone functionality is actually pretty is battery life. but I may have to try a Zeblaze Blitz or similar. Now, how to find out if the GPS actually works on that. Sadly most of these Chines companies seem very keen to advertise features and not so keen to make sure that they actually work!

        2. Hi, Thanks for all the information. I’m thinking of buying this watch but wondering what you think about it for running? Does the GPS work well? I heard you need a SIM for GPS because it’s actually Assisted-GPS which means it uses your Cell Data to get a lock? I’m also wondering if the running apps like RunKeeper or MapMyFitness work well and if Spotify with Offline Playlists works?

  2. Hello,
    the description language is not Czech. Can I install Czech language in addition to Android 5.1?
    Thanks for the information.


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