Oukitel U2 review: Best smartphone for less than 100$

Overall Design

The Oukitel U2 is an Android device with a fairly simple design. At first glance dual 2.5D glass at both front and back gives a beautiful sheen along with CNC aluminium craft gives a luxury feel on this budget phone, which makes this,the Oukitel U2 a good choice if you want smooth-looking, rich-feeling smartphone within a budget price, although it isn’t nearly as good-looking as the Galaxy S6 Edge or the IPhone 6, but, is one of most interesting smartphones for less than 100$.

In this smartphone, Oukitel shows their design philosophy with round corners, clean and simple frame and both front/back, this smartphone resembles the Sony Z3 Compact, but offering their own touch to the mix.

On the right side we have the lock/unlock button, while on left side we have volume rocker. Oukitel could have introduced a button for the camera, as it would have been an excellent feature that would add value to the smartphone, as this would make that take photos without touching the screen, which would be less movement while taking photo, this meaning a better photo.

On the top we have USB 2.0 and 3.5mm jack for headphones, so, this guarantees that it will work with any earphones in market.



On this premium-looking phone we have a 5-inch QHD IPS display (540 x 960, 220ppi) 2.5D curved glass, you can see videos, play games, or just video chat because offers amazing and deep colors (16 million), representing the 68.58% of total smartphone front area, this glass is also scratch resistant ( you needn’t worry about putting inside your pocket with keys or anything else, it won’t scratch)

Front of smartphone also shows the new minimalistic-looking Android keys, being recent apps, home and back, while not being displayed on the screen, these keys offers more screen space for working, gaming or seeing videos in 16:9 ratio powered by a powerful SoC as we are going to see next.

SoC and Performance


The muscle within is given by MediaTek MT6735M, quad-core 64bit SoC (4 x 1 GHz) with powerful ARM Mali-T720 MP1 for beautiful, stunning-looking graphics and great performance along with 1 GB RAM LPDDR3, which means surfing  on the web or listening to music on the go can take place without any effort, as it’s built to handle all that strain.

In the AnTuTu benchmark test it scores 18.500, this puts the Oukitel U2 in a good place versus budget phones like Moto E while being in same price tier, this means that any game that isn’t a ram and battery-eating one should be handled by this SoC (in theory) e.g. Fruit Ninja, Candy Crush & Angry Birds.

In next generation we expect more powerful SoCs, because every generation is more powerful and less energy-taxing, as we can see from the new Helio X20 offering 10 cores (2+4+4).



This smartphone offers a CMOS 8 megapixel rear camera and a 5 megapixel front camera with a wide range of features that can give a push in taking the perfect shot you require.

  • Autofocus: So you don’t need to wait for perfect place.
  • Continuous shooting: Taking that weird-looking photos as a result of pressing screen just 0.5 seconds later is an old statement.
  • Digital zoom: While this doesn’t support an optical one,stiill can do its work,but zooming in too much, results in a noisier picture.
  • Geotagging: For that Everest trips or aa long sunday morning drive, you never forget were you go.
  • ISO settings: With this, you never will have more excessively lighted photos.
  • Panorama: Is camera normal range enough for these amazing waterfalls surrounded in vegetation? Here’s your answer
  •  With 30 fps recording for that special moments and an impressive-quality front camera and you have the perfect device for selfies and social sharing.


Oukitel offers this smartphone a 2050mAh Li-Ion battery that gives an 83h performance in stand-by, 11h in web navigation, 3h recording video and 53h in music, so this smartphone guarantees that it will last a whole day of usage.


U2 smartphone offers quad-band 3G (GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz) and 4G connectivity (LTE 800/1800/2100/2600MHz) with upload/download speeds of 51 megabits/second in 4G, assuring that every VoIP call will never be cut because of internet speed, assuring perfect speeds for sharing in every social network, fast, stable, reliable connection along with Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n that can work also as Wi-Fi hotspot for other devices and HotKnot technology, you never will say again “my device doesn’t support that” .

GPS and A-GPS is also built-in, so, you will have access to fastest geopositioning system in just one touch In Bluetooth part we have 4.0 A2DP connection for quick media sharing and devices connection, like a hands-free, a wireless headphone, and even gaming accessories like gamepads, with Bluetooth 4.0, you will be connected to everything, every time.

External Connections


 Micro USB with tethering and computer sync makes the top of this phone, with 2.0 USB interfaces and On-The-Go technology; you can put a pen drive and start performing your tasks or maybe watch a movie.


Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 7.49.11 PM

Oukitel U2 is a well-rounded, budget-friendly phone that will do everything you need, from videos, to Wi-Fi, while being good-looking and having a luxury treated-feeling, but no phone comes without the cons so here they are:

  • QHD instead of HD (isn’t an acute one, but still is very good for his price).
  • No camera button.
  • While being pretty, resembles too much like the Sony Z3 Compact.
  • No water/dust resistance (this isn’t a must be, even in this price tier, but adds value to every cellphone).
  • More battery capacity.
  • More RAM (still does good on heavy strain, but lacks something in this scenario).
  • Glass technology isn’t Gorilla Glass (but still offers scratch resistance, so, doesn’t is too bad).
  • No NFC for a truly complete array of connections (HotKnot does good it’s work, but still is very green against a big one like NFC).
  •  Software optimization isn’t the best one (in heavy RAM consuming apps, it lags aa little too much but considering its price point we say “it’s okay”

In this Oukitel U2 review, we end talking about a good phone with some ‘buts’ not too bad, but, as we said before, these small points adds value to every phone, from dust/water resistance to NFC and HD display.

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