OUKITEL K9 5V/6A VS Huawei 9V/2A Quick Charge Challenge, Fully Charge within 1.5 Hours

With the development of smartphones, in addition to pursuing of higher screen-to-body ratio, manufacturers are also striving to improve the battery life and faster charge for quicker power recovery to satisfy market needs. If you are looking for a giant display smartphone with super endurance and quick charge, you should not miss this OUKITEL K9. It features the world’s largest 7.12-inch FHD+ display, 6000mAh massive battery, and new 5V/6A fastest charger.

The K9 sports the world’s largest 7.12-inch FHD+display with 2244*1080 resolution. The 18:9 all screen design and waterdrop on the top result in super high screen-to-body ratio, perfect for watching videos and playing games. The larger body enables bigger battery, K9 features a 6000mAh endurance battery for 2-3 days HEAVY USE. You can just charge twice for a week and each time only 1.5 hours since it is getting a new 5V/6A quick charger. K9 is the global first smartphone to pack the new 5V/6A flash charger.  It will save up to one hour than 9V/2A quick charger.

Video: OUKITEL K9 5V/6A VS Huawei Hornor 8X Max 9V/2A charging competition:

Both OUKITEL K9 and Huawei Honor 8X Max has got a 7.12-inch FHD+ large display with a resolution of 2244*1080. The Hornor 8X Max packs a 5000mAh big battery with standard 9V/2A quick charge and K9 takes a 6000mAh battery with 5V/6A quick charge and a thicker 2.8mm USB charging cable. With large battery smartphones in hand, quick power recovery is surely more favored by all users. In the video, after 40 minuted, Hornor 8X Max was charged to 43%*5000mAh=2150mAh battery by its standard 9V/2A charger, OUKITEL K9 was charged to 71%*6000mAh=4260mAh battery by the standard 5V/6A charger and thick USB cable. In one hour, the Honor 8X Max was charged to 58%*5000mAh=2900mAh, and K9 was charged to 87%*6000mAh=5220mAh. After 1hour 20 minutes, K9 6000mAh battery was fully charged and the Honor 8X Max was charged to 74% power. After 2 hours 20 minutes, Honor 8X Max was fully charged.

Obviously, the 5V/6A charger is much faster than the 9V/2A charger. With the new charging tech, the K9 6000mAh battery can be fully charged within 1.5 hours. OUKITEL K9 also gets helio P35 octa-core soc which is a 12nm process, making the 6000mAh battery last longer than other 6000mAh phones on MT6750T or MT6763 platforms.

According to OUKITEL K9 will go to market by the end of this month with a retail price of $229.99. With a large display, large battery, quick charger, and thrilling performance, K9 is a good choice for those who love playing games and watching movies. From now until presale starts, subscribe on OUKITEL official website, you will get the K9 lowest price of $199.99 and an extra screen magnifier(non-subscribers will not get the screen magnifier). OUKITEL will also pick 2 lucky subscribers to experience K9 for free. Interested? Subscribe it here.

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