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Smartphones are getting bigger by the day; there is no limit anymore regarding the display and smartphone size in general. Many people want a smartphone with the newer OS, a phone that is neither big nor expensive. Enter OUKITEL C2 – Smartphone with modest specs but with quite an affordable price.

OUKITEL C2 Promo pic, different colors on a white background.

We have tested this device for a very short time and put it trough a lot. Want to see how it performed? Read the rest of our review and find out.

*Disclaimer – Due the technical malfunction, we’re unable to deliver images of the device (replaced by the images from the company’s official site), but only the camera samples. This will be fixed soon.*


Brand Oukitel
Model Oukitel  C2
Available colors Blue, White, Gold, Gray
Screen size 4.5 inches
Display resolution 854 x 480p
OS Android, Lollipop 5.1
Chipset MediaTek MT6580
CPU 1.3 GHz, Quad Core
Internal memory 8GB
Bluetooth Yes, v4.0
Connectivity 3G, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, GPS, A-GPS
Battery Li-Ion, built-in battery
Battery size 1800 mAh
Front camera 5 MP
Back camera 2 MP


1xC2 smartphone
1xUSB Cable
1xUser Manual

The package of this phone is nothing new; it is a dull orange box with phone and accessories – nothing more and nothing less. Inside the box, there are the phone, USB cable, charger, battery, and phone manual written in various languages. It is pretty standard equipment, we must say, especially considering the brand and price range of the phone.


OUKITEL C2 is made out of very durable and sturdy plastic. It is glossy and available in several colors, combining a modern look with “old school” feel to it. The device fits splendid in the palm of a hand because of its size and curved edges – most people will be able to use it single-handedly.
The front side of the device houses 4.5-inch screen with capacitive Android buttons bellow it. The camera, earpiece and several sensors are located above the screen. On the top side of this smartphone, there is a micro USB port for charging and transferring purposes. It is a very odd place for this port since most of the manufacturers tend to put it on the bottom of their phones. Next to the USB port there is a standard 3.5mm headphone jack which is a good thing because you can plug in any model you desire.

OUKITEL C2 Several phones with different color options on white background.
via Oukitel Official site

Back of the OIKITEL C2 houses the main camera with the LED flash and speaker, placed on the bottom of the back. The camera is protruded a bit, and maybe you can damage it without the protective cover of some sort. The best part of the back plate is that it’s removable so you can change the color of the device and swap the battery on the fly.
Power/lock button and volume buttons are located on the right as with the most Android based phones. They are made of plastic, protrude a little bit and feel very comfortable to press.

OUKITEL C2 Display

Depending on how you look at it, the screen of this phone can be a lovely thing or average at best. It sports 4.5-inch capacitive IPS display with the resolution of 854×480. The display is bright enough and offers good contrast. What is the bad thing, you ask?

Being that it is 2016, this screen resolution is deeply bellow the average. The good thing is that display is of reasonable size and because of that the phone is pocket-friendly. Another great thing is that the battery life benefits from a lower resolution of the screen. There is no scratch protection technology on the display so applying a protective film is a must.

OUKITEL C2 Display of the phone showing the flower, white background behind.
via Oukitel Official site

Processor and RAM

OUKITEL C2 is equipped with MediaTek’s MTK6580 Quad-core CPU clocked at 1.3GHz coupled with Mali-400 MP graphics processing unit. Solid performance for a lower priced device. There is 1GB of RAM on the phone which is a bare minimum nowadays. In the day to day usage, this smartphone behaves well. It offers consistent performance, and while it’s not buttery smooth, there are not many frame drops and slowdowns.

We can’t recommend this device for gaming or heavy multitasking because it just can’t cope with today’s RAM-hungry apps and games. If you want a smartphone that can browse the web, write SMS, play a simpler game, place a call and receive one; this phone is perfect for you.


Probably the weakest link of this phone is its camera. On the back and front of the OUKITEL C2, there are cameras with a resolution of 2-megapixel. The good thing is that they are software interpolated to 5-megapixel. The sad thing is that quality of the photos is mediocre. When the light source is right, you can snap some decent pictures, but when you shoot in low light, pictures are full of grain and low on detail.
Video quality is a little better, but watching videos on this display is not pleasant. Camera quality is nothing to be excited about but can capture a certain memorable moment in time when other cameras are not present.

Here are some test shots for tour viewing pleasure:

Click on the pictures for a larger image

Storage Capacity of the OUKITEL C2

The device comes with 8GB of onboard storage and you are left with about half of that after the initial setup of the phone. It is not much by today standards because apps tend to use more and more of the storage space. Have no fear – you can expand the storage by additional 32GB with a micro SD card of your choice (memory cards are not that expensive these days).

Operating System (OS)

OUKITEL C2 comes with Android 5.1 Lollipop out of the box. It is not the latest iteration of the OS, but it will serve you very well. OS itself is written with lower-spec devices in mind so you will not have to worry about performance issues. Everything is working as expected.
You can install lots of apps and games from the Google’s Play store but keep in mind that it will fill your internal memory quickly. If you don’t have an additional micro SD card to transfer these apps and games, the device may become sluggish because of the lower storage space.

Android Lollipop promo image, pink lollipop with white letters on it and blue background.


This device offers dual SIM connectivity and 3G networks and data speeds. The variety of networks is supported for worldwide usage ability both GSM and WCDMA:

2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
3G: WCDMA 900/1900/2100 MHz

Unfortunately, 4G LTE networks are not supported.
In case you want to surf and don’t have an unlimited data plan by you provider you can always connect via wireless modem onboard. Wi-Fi standards supported are 802.11 b/g/n.
Bluetooth 4.0 is also aboard and offers a faster and safer way of connectivity.
GPS is supported as well although you can always position yourself with the aid of Google maps.

OUKITEL C2 Battery Performance

The device comes with a removable 1800mAh lithium-ion battery. Because of the lower screen resolution and the efficient Quad-core processor, the battery on this smartphone is sufficient for one and a half day of usage. It is not that special but keep in mind that you can replace the battery on the go and continue to use the phone as intended with  a fully charged battery.

Additional features

Because it uses one of the latest Android iterations, OUKITEL C2 has vast codec support.
FM radio is also on board in case you are bored with your media library.
USB OTG support is one of the best features about this model because it is very rare in this price range. With this feature, you can connect a large number of devices and external memory storages.
A variety of sensors is included as well – gravity, proximity and the light sensor.

Pros and Cons

We all know that no device is perfect, and OUKITEL C2 is no exception. In this part of our review, we will summarize all the strengths and weaknesses of this smartphone for your viewing pleasure.


  • Very attractive price
  • Quite compact – easily fits in most jeans and can be used single-handedly by most people
  • Replaceable battery that offers substantial performance
  • Offers dual SIM ability


  • No 4G connectivity
  • Low display resolution for this day and age of internet and multimedia
  • Camera performance is average at best

Our opinion

OUKITEL C2 is not a bad phone by any means but it should not be regarded as a premium experience. It is a smartphone that doesn’t cost much and offers solid performance for its price. For people who are tight on a budget, or people who want an affordable dual SIM device, OUKITEL C2 is just what the doctor ordered.

If you wish to purchase this device while it’s on discount just click on one of the links bellow.

Buy OUKITEL C2 from FOR 56.99 US Dollars/372.53 Chinese Yuan 

Buy OUKITEL C2 from FOR 54.99 US Dollars/359.45 Chinese Yuan 

Be sure to leave your comments on the device in the comment section bellow.



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