Ortur Laser Master 15W Desktop Cutter and Engraving Machine now for $175.99

Ortur has assembled an efficient desktop engraving equipment, dubbed the Ortur Laser Master engraving machine. The handy machine comes with aluminum alloy build and creative tools for the best engraving results. It further adopts G-sensor and GRBL open-source software to make the engraving a fun act.

Moreover, the Laser Master 15W machine features the 32-bit motherboard besides the STM32 chipset to ensure accurate, faster and efficient performance. The box contains some pre-assembled parts that need only 10 to 15 minutes to combine the machine. You can apply the engraving cutter on any surface like wood, cardboard, PCB, aluminum oxide, plastic and some other materials as well.

Ortur Laser Master engraving machine Features and Specifications

Design and Construction

Well, the Ortur uses the combination of aluminum alloy plus acrylic materials to construct the physique of Laser Master 15W cutter. Furthermore, it is a portable device to place anywhere in your home or work station. The black-coloured body is designed superbly to capture smoother and reliable performance and productivity.

Ortur Laser Master engraving machine

The engraving machine comes with dynamic control laser module and different laser powers for DIY projects. The laser range and wavelength are 160x150mm and 445 +/- 5nm, respectively. Physically, the equipment measures 38.70 x 27.20 x 13.30 cm, and it weighs around 1.7 KG.

Technical Features

Internally, the Ortur Laser Master engraving machine hosts lots of advanced technologies. It provides 15W craving standard to be applied on multiple surface options like cardboard, plastic, bamboo, leather, aluminum oxide, and wood etc.

Similarly, you can use 15W cutting on cardboard, thin wood chips, non-woven fabric, and some thin plastic sheets.

Ortur Laser Master engraving machine

There is a 32-bit motherboard to improve engraving efficiency in collaboration with the STM32-F103 chipset. It further provides higher mechanical accuracy as the motion accuracy of Y-axis and X-axis are 12.5um. The pixels accuracy comes at 300 PPI.

For protection, the Laser Master 15W engraving cutter hosts a triple safety protection assignment. It has Active Position protection, Laser Beam Safety Guard, and Exposure Limitation to use the machine worry-free.

Ortur Laser Master engraving machine

Moreover, the engraving cutter also allows you to adjust the laser power levels to control the actual intensity of the emitted laser. You can set it between S0 to S1000 to draft patterns with different depths.

On your desktop or PC, you can monitor or assess the whole process via a popular engraving software, LaserGRBL. It supports Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 and multiple image formats.

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