Original Xiaomi ZMI Power Bank Offered For Just $24.81

ZMI is a sub-brand of Xiaomi, which has done very well in terms and power bank and some other product. Its power banks have caused a great stir in the market today, as it has been perceived to be one of the best which spend a very long time with its owner.  Xiaomi has sold the most powerbanks. Its second-gen external batteries are everywhere. But this market is gradually becoming attractive to other manufacturers as well. In this sense, Xiaomi has to work harder to keep its leading position. Its sub-brand should be a great help to the company. Especially, this statement refers to ZMI. Only a few people know this brand belongs to Xiaomi. This simply means all products carrying this brand should come with a stylish look, some ‘smart’ features, and great hardware. The best proof of these words is the ZMI PowerBank. Now lets narrow it down to the 10,000mAh power bank offered for just $24.81 and the 20,000mAh offered for $68.2

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Usually, power banks look identical and they deserve no praises. But the ZMI products differ from others and stand out. Unlike other products from the niche, the ZMI PowerBank comes with a 3D curved design. The housing is made of fireproof ABS, while the frame is made of aluminum making it quite solid. But we are dealing with a power bank, which has been designed to keep other gadgets alive by providing an additional power. So the appearance should be pushed to the background. Both the 10000mAh and 20000 sport the same design and shape.

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In this sense, the ZMI PowerBank has nothing to worry about, as it comes all the latest features. Say, it sports a 20.000mAh battery supporting a bi-directional quick charge. Moreover, there are two USB Type-A ports and one a USB Type-C port. It can charge a notebook. Though its capacity is large, it will take only 3.8 hours to charge the battery fully. The charging process supports maximum input power of 45W, while it’s controlled by the latest USB PD 2.0 protocol. Now in this aspect, the difference between the 10,000mAh and 20,000mAh is that the 20,000mAh sport two USB Type-A ports and one a USB Type-C port while the 10,000 sport One USB Type-A ports and one a USB Type-C port.

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Lastly, the ZMI PowerBank comes with tons of protocols including a temperature protection, input/output overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, input counter-attack protection, overcharging/over-discharging protection, reset protection, output overcurrent protection, and battery short circuit protection.

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