[A Must Have For All Pet Lovers] Grab the Original Xiaomi Smart Dog Button Tag For Just $18.86

Are you scared of your pet getting lost? Are you always worried about your pet well being, having no option but take the pet for medical checkups? Then you ought not to fret your self again and save your self from all the stress as the Original Xiaomi Smart Dog Button Tag is the perfect solution. Statistics show that One out of three pets will get lost in their lifetime and only 10pet are ever found. Do well to replace your old dog tag with a new “smart” one. The Xiaomi Smart Dod Button Tag comes in six fresh colors, which is small and can be easily attached to any pet accessories. It was designed to be a normal part of your pet’s everyday life. Hang it on the neck of your pet and track your pet’s location, monitor their activity levels wherever you are and allows us to take care of the physical state.

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Xiaomi Smart Dog Button Tag: The Perfect Pet bracelet

The Xiaomi Smart Dog Button Tag looks very attracting, has a delicate design and also fine workmanship. It comes in a small metal circle of 8.6 mm thick and has a total weight of 10 grams, so you don’t have to be worried at all about it pulling your pet down as it very light. It is made of PMMA with CNC machining giving it glossy looks. One of the sides of the tag is covered with a durable matte plastic while the outer cover is made of medical-grade silicone, which is washable(IP65 certified) and anti-oxidation. This tag is powered by a CR2O32 battery offering a 4-month battery life, with the voltage of 3V and total capacity of 220mAh

The Xiaomi Smart Dog Button Tag works as an intelligent band, which comes with a built-in precise motion sensor monitors and records the activity status, sleep quality and calories burning rate of your pet every day. These records can be seen through the APP for Android and iOS that can be obtained using the QR code printed on the back. It also comes with a light sensor, which lights up the color specified in the application setting when its dark.

Once you’ve downloaded the App, You can connect the smart tag using Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity to your smartphones so as to be able to get reading on your pet’s health, sleep quality, calories burnt etc. It is also possible to share the data and achievements of your pet with other users of the App locally and globally.



Once obtained the App we can use Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity of the device to link it with our Smartphone and receive TIPS about your health, as well as advice according to your race, age and size; in case the above mentioned was not enough, it is also possible to share the data and achievements of our can with other users of the App locally and globally.

Finally, it should be noted that it is available in several colors: red, orange, yellow, blue, green and purple. The light can be customized in the following colors: Red, Blue and green.

Price and Availability Of The Xiaomi Smart Dog Button Tag

The Xiaomi Smart Dog Button Tag is available on Gearbest For $18.86



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