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Original Xiaomi Car Charger (Fast Version)

We are all surrounded by a lot of techs in our day to day life. Be it phones, tablets, smart speakers and what not? You name it, and I’m pretty sure that you may have been using one right now. But what’s the most annoying thing about these smart devices is their battery juice. Original Xiaomi Car Charger helps you charge your smart device on the go.
Original Xiaomi Car Charger

Let us find more about the Original Xiaomi Car Charger (Fast Version) and Hey! We have a great deal for all our readers. Read the article till the end to find the coupon code;

Xiaomi Car Charger – The Fast Charge Version

It becomes a pain in our head when we are about to lose all the juice on our phones, tablets or smart device, isn’t it? For that matter, everyone must get a decent charger and preferably a FAST one to charge our device quicker.

Unfortunately, the battery of our devices fails to charge quickly and this is where the need of a car charger arises. Original Xiaomi Car Charger is mainly designed for users who travel a lot via their car and runs out of juice now and then.

We’ve partnered with, and we are giving away a coupon code to all the readers so that they can buy Original Xiaomi Car Charger (Fast Version) at a discounted price.

But first, let me share my experience with you all. How it changed my life completely.

My Xiaomi Car Charger Story

Xiaomi Car Charger two devices

Just like you all, I used to sail in the same boat. I had to charge my phone and smartphone multiple times a day to make sure I can make sure I can make and receive calls, send texts and manage my social media life online.

Things were supposed to be good only till the time I was around some power source, a wall socket or power bank, but as soon as I leave for work or especially on trips the battery juice started to give me nightmares.

I travel mostly by my car and therefore I was told by one of my friends to get a car charger. He suggested me a lot of car charges he already used, but unfortunately, these chargers were slow and made my device a lot warmer.

One fair day, I saw Original Xiaomi Car Charger somewhere on their website while surfing the web. And oh boy! The charger looked so well built, and the reviews were great. It was a fast charger which acted like a cherry on the top of my cake.

Furthermore, I ordered the charger and started using it. It helps my phone and tablet to charge simultaneously in half the time now. WOW! I’m stunned by this Product by Xiaomi.

Here is what I liked about Xiaomi Car Charger (Fast Version)

The Built

  • Full metallic body! Yes, I’ve used and discarded so many car chargers, but this one is sturdy and can even withstand a lot of shocks too.
  • A full metal body not only gives it more protection but also makes it look so sexy.
  • The metal is an alloy of aluminum with a brushed finish that makes the matte surface irresistible to touch.
  • It is well-built there was no creaking sound whatsoever.


  • The form factor is pretty compact. The Xiaomi Car Charger isn’t bulky at all neither it is too small.
  • It perfectly fits in the palm of your hand and protrudes a little bit out of the car charger socket on your car’s dashboard.

Compatibility with Cars

  • Xiaomi Car Charger is compatible with almost all the modern day cars.
  • You need to install the charger in the charger socket of your car, and the LED indicator will glow, which means that the charger is working fine.
  • Now all you need to do is connect a USB cable and insert it into the charger to charge your phone.

Compatibility with Devices

  • During my testing, I found that almost all my devices were supported and the Xiaomi Car Charger charges all the devices flawlessly.
  • Make sure to check whether your device has fast charging active to make sure Xiaomi Car Charger can charge it in a flash.
  • There are two output USB ports up to 5V/3.6A output each.
  • Unlike other chargers, you don’t need to rely on the supplied cables. Just plug in the cable supplied with your smartphone, tablet or any other device, and you can charge two devices simultaneously.

Xiaomi Car Charger circuit

Technical Stuff

  • As per the official website, the Xiaomi Car Charger can support all the devices manufactured by HTC, Blackberry, OnePlus, Apple, Samsung and of course Xiaomi.
  • The charger has a snug fit in the cigarette lighter port.
  • The company claims that the Xiaomi Car Charger offers 95% charge conversion rate, which is impressive.
  • There is an intelligent circuitry that has been implemented in the Xiaomi Car Charger, which prevents both the car and your devices from any shocks or electrical hazard. So the Xiaomi Car Charger is safe to use also.
  • Furthermore, the IC built-in the charger also prevent from Over Current intakes, high temperatures, Over Voltage intakes, short circuit protection and protection against electromagnetic interference is also implemented.
  • So, these were my findings of the Xiaomi Car Charger. As promised, let me take a right to the point where I’ll tell you how you can avail discounts using our Coupon Code to but Xiaomi Car Charger.

Coupon Code: Original Xiaomi Car Charger

So, here is the real deal. As I’ve already mentioned earlier that we’ve teamed up with to giveaway our loyal readers with a coupon code. This coupon code will enable all of you to buy the product at a discounted price. Here’s how you can apply this code;

Disclaimer- This deal is subject to stock availability.

  • Before proceeding further make sure to create an account. You can join for free.

Xiaomi Car Charger Coupon code discount

  • Head over to Join Free and enter your details.

  • Now hit submit and proceed to the next step.

  • You’ll be taken back to the Xiaomi Car Charger Product Page select the number of chargers you want to order and click on ‘Add to Cart.’

Xiaomi Car Charger cart add

  • On the top right corner, go to your ‘Card’ and select the option for ‘Check Out.’

  • Now, enter your details that will be required for shipping so that Xiaomi Car Charger will reach you without any hassle.
  • Enter your name, address, phone numbers, pin code etc. and proceed to the next step where you’ll add Coupon Code.
  • Add the Coupon code “XIAOMITODAY” to avail 30% discount.

Xiaomi Car Charger account

  • Check for the updated cart value.
  • In the next step, you can pay securely via PayPal and confirm your order.

This was an initiative of Xiaomi Today team for all our loyal readers. Make sure to share your product pictures and reviews in the comment down below. And share the word, help others to get this deal before Xiaomi Car Charger stocks out.

You are all welcome to share your stories in the comment section about your smartphone and tablets battery struggles and how you overcome them.

We’ll be arranging such coupon codes for all of you from time to time so, please check this section frequently. See you!


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