Orico ADS5 Dock Revealed in Apple Mac Pro Design

Tower PCs, laptops or all-in-one PCs have many interfaces and when we review them, the number of those interfaces are considered to be one of the main features for costumers. Say, when talking about the ports and slots of a laptop or a tablet we mention how many such ports and slots are there without fail. But those who are familiar with hubs or docks know that the number of such holes doesn’t play a role anymore. Moreover, many laptop and PC makers place the interfaces on the back of their products and every time we want to plug something we have to tremendous work. I am not talking about the cable clutter. That’s why you should be aware of the docks and hubs available in the market. And today we have prepared one of those eye-catching docks coming our way via ORICO, a popular brand in the niche of computer peripheral accessories. The Orico ADS5 has been released and we decided to take a quick look at its design and key features.

orico ads5 (1)

Like the Apple Mac Pro the Orico ADS5 comes in a cylinder shaped housing that makes this device to stand out among the other docks we have seen at Orico. Though the internals of the Orico ADS5 differ from Apple’s most powerful computer, the manufacturer has tried to get a device looking similar to its ancestor. Honestly, this dock looks more attractive than standard square-shaped models, so it has all the chances to become more popular. Externally the Orico ADS5 looks like a can of Coke and also has similar dimensions, but you will benefit more using it rather than drinking a Coke.

This dock can be used for any purpose, as the interfaces it supports are designed to cover audio, video, data, network, power and other aspects. The ports are located on two opposite sides of the Orico ADS5. One side carries two USB 3.0-A ports alongside with a 3.5mm audio jack and microphone jack in green and pink relatively. There is also a led under those four ports.

The opposite side carries four USB 3.0-A ports, one HDMI port, a Type –C  in and Type – C PD ports, RJ45 port for connecting to the internet via LAN and a DC 12V for chargers. There is a dual charging mode allowing users to charge two devices simultaneously.

Probably, the selling point of this dock will be the support of 4K resolution via HDMI port. On the other hand, the design elements similar to the Apple’s Mac Pro can attract more customers. Unfortunately, the price tag of this handset remains unknown, but keep eyes open as the Orico ADS5 is set to become available next month and we’ll inform you once any price info is unveiled.


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