Ordro SW16 Smartwatch Review

Is the Ordro SW16 the best Chinese SmartWatch on the market?


Having a smartwatch is now more affordable than ever. With the arrival of the new Chinese manufacturers of smartwatches on the market, the prices are lowering, and the quality stays on the high level.

The model Ordro SW16 we are discussing today is the classical model of the price and the quality you get for your money. Some features of the model are above average that makes this watch a very modern model of the Chinese type watches.

 Ordro SW16 design features

Ordro SW16 has some amazing design features that are even compared with the great Apple Watch.

Ordro has proved of having the top design aesthetic with the work on the other models like SW25 and other. We cannot say that the quality is the same as the Apple iWatch, but if we look the design, we can see that this model has some unique features for a more affordable price.


Its design is more different than the other models. Ordro SW16 is manufactured with stainless steel and has silicone tips reinforced belt. On its surface, you can see only two buttons positioned on the right side of the model. The buttons are the power button and the Home button. The camera is also included in the device features.

This model has the standard screen features, 240×240 pixels of resolution and the 1, 54-inch screen.


Ordro SW16 dimensions

This watch is wide a SmartWatch that makes it perfect for those of you searching for a watch by it’s looks and how it feels on the hand. 55.6x 46.5 x13.8 mm are this SmartWatches dimensions, and it has belt length of 123 x 100 mm. These are dimensions that give Ordro SW16 a powerful and at the same time casual look.

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OrdroSW13 clock versions

Some of the fantastic new features are the new clock interfaces. Ordro SW16 has a choice of seven different clock designs that can be changed on a daily basis to match your personality. It can be futuristic, classic, elegant, and modern; it’s up to you.

You can choose between three different colors that combined are: black dial and black strap, silver sphere belt, black belt, and orange sphere belt.

Ordro SW16 characteristics

-Display: 1.54-inch IPS with resolution 240 x 240 pixels

-Processor: MTK6752 Dual Core 1.3 GHz

-GPU: Mali 400 MP

-RAM: 512 MB

-Internal Memory: 4 GB, expandable, 32 GB memory card

-Camera: 3 megapixels (interpolated 5 MP)

-Connectivity: WiFi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G (GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, WCDMA 2100 MHz)

-Operating system: Android 4.4 KitKat

-SIM card slot

-IP67 protection

-Supported image formats: BMP, PNG, JPEG, GIF

-Supported audio formats: AAC, MP3, WAV

-Supported video formats: 3GP, MP4

-Games: Android APK

-Languages: German, English, Spanish, Filipino, French, Italian, Danish, Portuguese, Turkish, Greek, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian.

-Battery: 600 mAh

-Dimensions: 138 x 55 x 46.5 mm

-Weight: 105 grams

-Package Contents: 1 x Ordro SW16, 1 x battery, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x Adapter AC POWER, 1 x charging base, 1 x mini screwdriver, 2 x Screws.

The best highlights of the Ordro SW16

Smartwatch era tends to develop, and their characteristics are now closer to the most of the basic smartphone features. You can see that the new features like 4GB of internal memory and 512 RAM, are the beating heart of this model.

This industry is still growing as we can see that this model has an amazing 3MP camera; that is enough to make some quality photos.

This model has IP67 protection from water and dust. Ordro SW16 is protected to the max, and you won’t regret of having it.


You can have a great user experience with this model; GPS integrated system provides you a functional interaction with some of the essential apps like the Google Maps.

We also need to mention that this model has an integrated SIM card slot, the characteristic that is very popular nowadays on the smartwatch market. You can telephone without any problems, and the best thing is that you don’t have to depend on your smartphone.


Apps and other possibilities of Ordro SW16

You ask yourself what you can do with a smartwatch and what are the possibilities compared to a smartphone. These two things cannot be compared, but the smartwatch has its unique ways to be used. One of the best unique features of the Ordro SW16 is the web browser that allows you to visit your favorite websites with no problems, and it can also support applications downloading with WiFi and 3G network.

Some of the applications are music players, WhatsApp, Google Maps and, of course, the apps like calendar, calculator, alarm and many other standard functions. You can download these applications from Play Store on your smartwatch.


Ordro SW16 keeps the pace up with you

One of the most standard possibilities, like measuring your physical activity during your practice is a part of this model. That makes this watch even more practical and useful, and you will enjoy your daily practice routines more.


The amazing Pedometer can measure your run distances including calories and steps. You can record all data on the watch and have a great retrospective of your training.

For example, if you like to go on a bike routes, synchronize your watch with Google Maps, and you can’t get lost.

It is also perfect for skiing, mountain climbing, hiking and all other sports activities.


Price of the new Ordro SW16

This model is one of the best models considering the quality you get for the price. Since the smartwatch market is growing and the competition also, you have the opportunity to choose all new affordable models that can keep up with the best on the market. This model shows that you don’t need a lot of money for a good smartwatch.

You can purchase Ordro SW16 at all the leading China import retailers such as Gearbeast, and you will get a great watch for the money.

Our opinion:

When we take into consideration the price and the quality of the Ordro SW16 smartwatch, we can definitely say that this model is a best buy option. It will provide you the best user experience, and you will enjoy every day of having it. You can buy this watch on the links below, be sure to check it. Just press the buttons.

Buy Ordro SW16 Smartwatch from


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  1. Is it possible to link it via Bluetooth to an android phone and answers to the incoming phone calls?

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