OPPO O- free wireless Bluetooth headset Review: Best Value with low price


OPPO as always pre-heating with its new launch of a wireless headset in a strange way. We learned the core parameters of OPPO R17 in just four days. Moreover, the price of the product was only disclosed a day before the launch of the product. This time too OPPO came with a new product that is OPPO O-free wireless headset. This wireless headset is just as similar to air pods of iPhone.

A lousy Bluetooth device will ruin your most engaging gab session. So it is always important to select a right and perfect headset, and we will help you with this guide. The earphones are not only lighter in weight but also smaller than many other products on the market. The product delivers superb audio quality and has a that will be very comfortable to wear with the glasses.

OPPO O-Free wireless headset

The most exciting gadget was launched recently. All the customers and the technical sector admits that the device looks incredible and no one could resist the charm of the product. To find more you can go through the article and read out for the specifications of the product.


As the information, the new O-free wireless headsets are unique in design as they have a distinct style are highly recognized. OPPO provides the product with a large number of curves on the new OPPO O-free wireless headset. The curves make easy to think that it was launched with Find X. Saying about the Find X, this gadget also includes the double-sided 3D curved glass. The body of Find X is round in shape and comes with curves on both of its sides. As same in Find x OPPO continues the same in this O-free wireless headset and provides the curve on all the body. These curves give a great feel while holding the product.


Let’s dive in;

OPPO O-free wireless headset Specifications:


The packing for this new OPPO O-free Wireless headset comes with a black outline. Along with this the logo of the OPPO is provided on the front of the box. You won’t see any other thing on the table rather than the logo.  After the opening of the box, you can see the plastic box containing the headset covered in foam.

OPPO O-Free wireless headset

Firstly if we talk about the shape of the headset, the product is similar to the air pods of iPhone with small changes in the design. It was in the conference of the OPPO for the release of Find X when they came up with a new surprise. The surprise was just as similar to the development that is expanding day by day. The OPPO company launched its O-free wireless headset in this conference with the first look.  As the name suggests its free without the lines. The company wants the user to feel free to use the product without the wires.

Round Shape:

When you think of earphones or the wireless headset, you always think about the falling off of the headsets. This is still due to the wrong shape of the product that you have bought. Looking at this problem OPPO have made it easy for its customers by providing the best body for your ears. The new OPPO O-free wireless headset adopts the semi-in-ear design and is ergonomically designed. These curves allow you to fir the earphone in a proper way to your ear. The earphones make a sufficient degree with the ears so that you never think that they could fall off your ears quickly.


If you have a habit of using the earphones for a long time, you must have noticed that you feel discomfort when you wear them for a long time. For these customers, OPPO has a new surprise in this gadget that you do not just have to think about discomfort for several days. The main reason for this is the round shape of the O-free wireless headset is very friendly. The size for the headset is just right which feels every cut off your ear.

OPPO O-Free wireless headset

Not surprisingly when you unbox your new OPPO O-free wireless headset, you will notice that the box also have a round shape. This box is tiny in form just as your earphones which makes it easy to carry. For a charge, you can usually charge your headset and use for 4-5 hours.

Looking for the color matching for your headset, the O-free provides you with Bordeaux red and ice blue color. Again, in this case, you will remember the Find X, which also have the same colors which are not bluntly painted. Instead of the paint, they use the laminated streamer process to illuminate the headphone’s surface. These combine to give a gradient, different gloss with various angles, unique, especially when used with the new Find X.


Connectivity is the essential part that you experience a wireless headset. When you turn on your phone for the first time, the phone will open O-free wireless headset storage box, and then it jumps out of the matching interface. You just then need to click the connection.

OPPO O-Free wireless headset

The positive thing about this is that you need to connect it once and when every you need to use it you do not have to compare it again. Whenever you turn on your earphone, it will connect you to the earlier connected phone.

Charging box:

The charging box very sleek and the design is very compact and portable. The charging box and the earphones both have an inbuilt battery. This process just takes place. Firstly, the power adapter supplies the power to the charging box, and then the charging box sends this power to headsets.

When you open the charging box, you see that a pair of split-type both left and right headsets. Without the bonding wires, it is very convenient to handle them.

Firstly, you need to connect the mobile phone with your Bluetooth. Whenever you open the cover, OPPO O-Free Bluetooth headset will connect automatically and put you can put on the headsets to start listening.


In these terms of the services, O-free wireless headset performs various operations just by touching the headphones. Like you can play the music, and also you are allowed with the multiple functions like play and stop of music. Additionally, you can answer and end the calls from your headset. A long press on the headset will allow you to assist with the translation mode.


Key features to consider:

Dual Microphone:

In today’s world, many products feature a dual microphone. This dual microphone help to engage in noise cancellation like the ambient noise of streets, highway, drone, and winds. So it will make you take calls on the road or in the car, and another person would appreciate the sound quality that is from your side.

HD Audio:

OPPO O-Free wireless headset

Many Bluetooth headsets support what manufacturers refer to as HD audio and sound quality. This means that the HD device is capable of receiving, transmit and reproduce audio at the 16KHz frequency. The bandwidth of OPPO O-free wireless headset is twice the single bandwidth of standard 8KHz headset; this results in more precise and cleaner sound under any conditions.

Multiple point pairing:

OPPO O-Free wireless headset

In this new generation, every tablet, phone, and PCs every type of these advanced gadgets use Bluetooth technology. You can also imagine that this linking up of the Bluetooth headset to multiple gadgets is not a very uncommon situation. This is a various point when you are allowed to connect your one headset to two phones or any two devices.

Voice Prompts:

As we know, the advanced smartphones with new technology have voice commands and search functions baked right in. However, it is quite essential if you are using a headset that your headset’s internal voice features are very convenient. Voice prompts, and the voice commands, once the preview of the premium headsets have trickled down to all but also the most basic models.


Carrying these abilities in the Bluetooth headset, you can answer and reject the calls from your Bluetooth headset without getting out your phone from the pocket. Another strength of this headset is that you can get the battery status of your phone and your Bluetooth headset by merely speaking to your headset.

Customizable Fit:

OPPO O-Free wireless headset

Every person in this world has different body parts from another human. As told earlier in the design section that the curved earphones that are provided make it easy for everyone.

You will not need to swap your earbuds or ear tips for making it comfortable. These earphones allow you to accommodate many different ear sizes and shapes. Additionally, many headsets are meant to rest outside of the ear, and some are built to slide outside of the ears. However, this O-free Bluetooth headsets offer a choice of both fir styles.

Near Field communications:

The Near-field communication technology (NFC) is now available on many smartphones headsets nowadays. This feature of the headset is not merely for mobile payments; it can also facilitate paring of the various Bluetooth headsets. You need to place your headset briefly and say an NFC equipped speaker system, and the connection will be made without having many of the settings menus.

Bluetooth Profile of headset:

OPPO O-Free wireless headset

The OPPO O-free wireless headset comes with multiple versions of Bluetooth, and this is not surprising that all the Bluetooth specifications are not the same. The features of the Bluetooth provide you with the best sound quality. You will listen equally in both the earphones.

Translation Features:

OPPO O-Free wireless headset

The new OPPO O-free wireless headset allows you a feature of translation. There are a few steps you need to follow to use this translation feature. You need to install the Bluetooth headset and connect it to the phone, and you are ready to start. The Google PIXEL BUDS designs the translation support.

This feature allows you to translate any language in the world to the language that is set by you. To place your language as the default, you need to go to the settings. Just select the language you need to arrange for the translation and you are done with it.

The sense of Hearing:

If you compare the OPPO O-Free Bluetooth headset, you will get a lot of additional features in your headset than others. The integration of battery and moving coil and moving iron in one place. This design is beneficial to the advantages of running the iron unit at high frequencies.


OPPO O-Free wireless headset

Every wireless headphone on the market today comes with the inbuilt battery. Similar to these gadgets the OPPO O-free wireless headset also comes with the built-in battery. This battery is claimed to provide you with the hours of continuous use. The battery can be expanded with the charging case that is given with the product. This charging case can add up to 12 more hours of use to your OPPO O-free wireless headset.

Cost of product:

OPPO O-Free wireless headset

The OPPO O-free wireless headset price is set at CNY 699 approximately about $105. According to the information you can buy this headset through the official Oppo account.  All the customers can purchase this Bluetooth headset online on various websites. The product will be on sale at the end of August all over the country.

Our verdict:

All in all, the new Bluetooth wireless is the best headset that you get at the affordable price. As compared to all the Bluetooth headsets on the market you will get the more advanced features in this product.



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