OPPO Find X Is Example of New Quality Standard

Since the official launch of the OPPO Find X on July 13, it has experienced three rounds of large-scale sales, and users have shown great interest in this product. At present, in the users’ feedback, the high quality and innovative design of the Find X is generally highly praised. It can be said that the rigorous testing environment experienced by the Find X is unmatched in the current smartphone industry.

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The OPPO Find X has strict test standards

In order to ensure the stable use of the Find X for a long time, the OPPO engineering team carried out the rigorous testing of the phone far beyond the industry standard in the laboratory. There were held millions of repeated tests. In the laboratory test environment, the OPPO Find X has strict test standards for structural reliability, durability, and dust-proof reliability of lifting structures.

The first is the reliability of the whole structure. As the front of the Find X uses a very comprehensive full-screen design, the buffer area left by the frame around the phone is greatly reduced. How to ensure that the phone does not fall accidentally in daily life? Easy damage has become a problem that the engineering team has to overcome.


The Find X chooses the high-strength Corning Gorilla Glass 5, and also uses a harder metal material in the fuselage frame to ensure the strength of the body. In addition, the Find X has experienced more than 5,600 drop tests in the laboratory, with actual tests at all angles and heights, maximizing the reliability.

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In addition to the overall strength of the fuselage, the engineers’ team also conducted special rigorous testing as a two-track predator structure that users use every day. The uninterrupted structure lifting and landing tests were taken in order to learn whether the internal motor system and structural durability can meet the user’s long-term use requirements. Finally, they got 300,000 times of conservative data that even if the structure is lifted 300 times a day, it can serve for 3 years.


In terms of the dust-proof performance of the lifting structure, the OPPO team of engineers added dust-proof components inside the OPPO Find X and experienced a 16-hour laboratory dust test that exceeded twice the national standard to ensure that the structure will not be continuously raised and lowered. Dust is brought into the structure to affect the precision of the internal structure, and many users have taken a reassurance.


So we can say the OPPO Find X has achieved high-quality specifications after thousands of iterations. It is not only a new exploration of OPPO for the future but also the ultimate pursuit of product quality.


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