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All smartphone makers are trying to expand the screen ratio of their flagships. Some narrow the forehead and chin. The rest remove the forehead at all. And a couple of them risked and came in with genuine full-screen smartphones. As you guess, we are talking the only true full-screen smartphones that are currently available on the market – the VIVO NEX and OPPO Find X. honestly, we have managed to get our hands on both models and know the advantages and shortcoming of each device. And we have to issue a statement that while the VIVO NEX is focusing on software and AI more, the OPPO Find X tries to combine the technology with the art. It does. Before we start recalling its key features, we have good news for you. The Find X is offered at a discounted price tag. The 8GB of RAM and 128GB of ROM variant costs $709.99.

Must Read VIVO NEX Review | OPPO Find X Review

The OPPO Find X is a true flagship that sports the best hardware and software. At the same time, one of the biggest selling points of this smartphone is the appearance it adopts. We have already compared its design with the look of the VIVO NEX. And though it’s a matter of taste, we should write down the OPPO Find X looks more innovative. The whole body has no extra elements. It is a real work of art. On both sides, a 3D glass is used. And there are no openings.


The screen adopts ‘full-screen’ and ‘hyper-curved flexible screen’ design with a 6.42-inch size. There are no bangs. Moreover, the rest of the borders are narrowed a lot. Each frame is made as narrow as possible, and it fits with the COP flexible screen package. The screen ratio is 93.8%, which is higher than the VIVO NEX’s 91.24% ratio.

In order to achieve such a high screen share, the Find X uses a ‘full hidden 3D camera.’ The entire front and rear camera system are hidden inside the fuselage. It automatically gets out when necessary, and hides when not in use.


The frontal part of this structure carries tons of sensors and components, including pan-optic sensing elements, an infrared sensor, a proximity sensor, receivers, a 25MP, and dot-matrix projectors together form an O-Face 3D structured light module with a dual-rail periscope, projecting 15000 on the human face. The recognition points are used to build a facial 3D model and to recognize the face to complete the unlock process. The manufacturer claims the security level is 20 times higher than the fingerprint recognition, and the misrecognition rate is only one millionth. It also supports Alipay. Based on the facial information, the Find X can accurately create a 3D model of the user, intelligently analyze facial features and optimize adjustments to achieve 3D beauty options.

At the same time, 3D portrait lighting can capture a variety of light effects on the human face with precise facial capture, including close-up light highlighting the three-dimensional contours of the human face, retaining the local light of the facial color, and imitating the double-colored light of neon classic red and blue colors.


O-Face also supports Omoji dynamic facial expressions. It captures human facial expressions, generates cartoon 3D expressions, exclusive 3D images, video or GIF expression packages, and can be exported to albums. It can be used in any chat app.

On the back, it uses a 16MP + 20MP dual-camera, supporting OIS, dual F2.0 large aperture, and a new portrait mode, providing natural light, film light, shadow light and other light effects. This camera also supports AI intelligent scene recognition that can identify 21 types of independent scenes and up to 800 scene combinations.


The OPPO Find X runs on ColorOS 5.1 based on Android 8.1. It supports Android P Beta, Google Assistant, Google Lens, etc., and cooperates with Google to develop research on the bottom layer of the game and develop OPPO game engine.

This phone also comes with an intelligent low-power MIC using a DSP module that automatically adjusts performance based on the surrounding acoustic environment, allowing voice assistants to wake up without keys, waiting for commands, and NXP noise reduction schemes in a quiet environment. The awakening rate can reach 95%.

ColorOS 5.1 will learn the user’s habits based on an AI algorithm and predict the next 4 most possible applications and preload. So that the application startup speed is accelerated by an average of 44%.


As for hardware, the OPPO Find X is packed with a Snapdragon 845 and cooperates with Qualcomm to customize and optimize many options, including joint optimization for the gaming experience, as well as AI-based Face ID, face detection, AI payment, and AI voice functions.

The battery capacity is 3730mAh and it supports VOOC flash charge. Over the past few years, more than 90 million OPPO handsets have been equipped with VOOC flash chargers.

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