OnePlus 6T Review: It Has Become Only Better

OnePlus is a unique lone walker in the smartphones market. It has been less than five years since its inception. The story of this brand has begun not that long ago, and only a hundred people were at the roots of OnePlus. During the year, it was launching only two high-end smartphones in a year. So in some sense, OnePlus was far from the main battles. Moreover, unlike most Chinese smartphone makers, OnePlus has been focusing on the operation and sales of e-commerce channels. What’s interesting, there is no system-level advertising or software-paid business that Internet phones are often criticized for.

So the question is coming, how such a seemingly small, even classified, the niche-owned manufacturer has ushered in a hot buying spree overseas? In recent years, its overseas sales accounted for more than 60%. Among them, the US market accounted for more than 24% of sales. In India, the second largest market after China, it can even win 30% of the high-end smartphone market with six models. It can be said that this is the energy from the product itself.

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OnePlus has already managed to release the upgraded version of its original model, namely the OnePlus 6T. It is considered to be the flagship smartphone of the company for the second half of the year. It also adopts the much popular drop screen and a screen fingerprint recognition. But we wonder what other changes this model has brought.

OnePlus 6T Appearance

There are a few color variants of the newly announced OnePlus 6T. They include the violet, dark black, and the bright porcelain black. This is the OnePlus 6T 8+128GB Dark Black review, but there are also a few references to the former variant.

The OnePlus 6T uses a 6.41-inch Optic AMOLED screen with an aspect ratio of 19.5:9. In addition to the default adjustment of the color mode, sRGB and P3, this screen has also passed the anti-Blu-ray certification of VDE. Undoubtedly, this is a powerful counterattack towards those who think OnePlus saves on materials.

It is worth noting that the glass cover is changed from the five generations of Gorilla Glass to the sixth generation, which will undoubtedly be more resistant to wear and tear. So this is the second model after the OPPO R17 series models.

It’s worth noting that the size of the body has never changed since the first generation to the OnePlus, but it can carry a giant screen from 5.5 inches to 6.41 inches today. This is inevitably due to the ever-evolving forehead and the ever-decreasing border.

As seen above, the OnePlus 6T’s forehead area has changed from bangs to a drop shape. Though the breathing light disappeared, for the rounded arcs on both sides, the sense of vision is relatively larger than the previous view.

This is the chin, which is narrower than the previous one, and the large angle at the bottom of the inner and outer arcs also makes the bottom more round. So the experience is more immersive than that on the previous one.

As the screen fingerprint recognition was added to the screen, the rear capacitor fingerprint area disappears.

This handset continues the previous generation of AG glass technology – deliberately making the frosted glass body a metal texture. Actually, OnePlus is the only manufacturer to come in with such a method.

The OnePlus 6T’s back fuselage uses six layers of optical coating, showing a matte texture.

In addition, there is also the new electro-optic violet. The electro-optical violet back cover glass has a mystery that gradually deepens from purple. It aggregates all the hardest processing of frosted glass, from matt, roughness, gloss, transmittance, to reflectivity.

It is also combined with a waistline and frosted glass, and slowly transitions from the top to the sides to slowly disappear. The line is like a human skeleton, and the skeleton of the OnePlus 6T is close to the ultimate slim and looks good.

As one of the ‘best smartphone case manufacturers’, the quality of the protective sleeves of aramid fiber, silicone, sandstone, and other materials is a must.

The right side of the fuselage still retains a unique three-stage switch. The toggle switch can adjust the phone in three modes: ringing, mute and vibration.

The bottom carries a symmetrical speaker and a USB Type-C interface. As we can see, the OnePlus 6T cancels the 3.5mm headphone jack, which is related to the further upgrade of waterproof and dustproof considerations.

At last, the OnePlus 6T supports dual Nano-SIM cards, and the entire system comes standard with the global 4G+ band. It supports 38 frequency bands. So you can travel to more than 200 countries and regions around the world to enjoy the local 4G+ network. If you cooperate with the international Internet access function, you can use 4G+ for the whole process without changing the SIM card.

OnePlus 6T Performance

Performance has always been the highlight of the OnePlus smartphones. Not in vain, it has always won the competition in the Android camp, becoming the number 1 smartphone in terms of performance. It’s been for a while when the Snapdragon 845 + 6GB combination is considered to be the standard of luxury phones.

The OnePlus 6T uses the Snapdragon 845 mobile platform, which is very familiar to us. The CPU performance is 30% higher than the previous Snapdragon 835, and the power consumption is reduced by 10%. The GPU performance is 30% higher than the previous generation, and its power consumption is reduced by 30%.

At the same time, the OnePlus 6T is equipped with a 128/256GB UFS2.1 dual-channel high-speed flash storage. There is also up to 8GB of LPDDR4X four-channel memory, the processing frequency of which is up to 4266MHz. But as we already said, the OnePlus 6T comes with Smart Boost.


According to AnTuTu’s latest rankings, the performance of the OnePlus 6T is still in the forefront of the Android camp. Not accidentally, it has reached the 300,000 score border, which means our protagonist will handle any heavy game with no pressure on the processor.


GeekBench focuses on the single-core and multi-core capabilities of the CPU. At this point, the OnePlus 6T has no difference when comparing with other SND845 smartphones.


Here we can clearly see that though the Kirin 980 comes with more advanced technologies, its GPU can’t fully pursue the Snapdragon 845 and the Adreno 630’s location in the Android camp is still stable.


Unsurprisingly, the performance of the OnePlus 6T is also among the best in the Android camp, especially compared to the previous model.


The continuous reading speed is about 735MB/s. Compared with the UFS2.1 that has a speed of 500~600MB/s, this performance can be described as excellent.

OnePlus 6T Camera

The OnePlus 6T comes with an improved camera lens. The main CMOS is the 16MP Sony IMX519. But we’d like to focus more on the comparison of this sensor on various smartphones.

First, the IMX363 has a pixel area of 1.4 microns. Although the pixel area of the IMX519 is 1.22 micrometers, in the actual use, the latter can intelligently aggregate four pixels into large pixels of 2 micrometers, which is equivalent to 4 times photosensitiveness.

Second, the aperture of the IMX519 is f/1.7, which is slightly higher than the f1.8 of the IMX363. What’s more important, our protagonist comes with an enhanced software algorithm.

Daytime samples

As you can see in the above macro samples, the OnePlus camera tries to be as much neutral and natural as possible, and does not over-reconstruct and smudge the subject. This means that sometimes the image presented may not be pleasant, but there is no PS-like false AI tuning.

Night time samples

The decoration on the wall is made of orange light. It is worth pondering that if you switch to the AI, the color light reflection on the wall next to the lamp will be erased and pursued ‘purity’.

Night scene mode off

Night scene mode on

Night scene mode off

Night scene mode on

The OnePlus 6T supports the newly upgraded super city night scene mode, incorporating its own self-developed night scene HDR, as well as jitter, noise reduction, and enhanced analysis algorithms. Through the comparison of the above two sets of photos, we can also see that the OnePlus 6T does not pursue at all. The night vision is generally in place, but it is moving towards restoring the real night scene.


When shooting a person via the portrait mode, the rear camera can automatically select the appropriate face to illuminate by analyzing the orientation and contour of the face, making the object more stereoscopic and more natural.

The OnePlus 6T’s front 16MP AI camera also supports background blur. Even under the strong light of incandescent lamps, the background blur is still not chaotic.

In addition, the front lens also supports EIS, and filters can be added later in the gallery.

OnePlus 6T Battery

Due to the changes made in the hardware and adding some innovative technologies, the fuselage of the OnePlus 6T could save some space for the larger battery. Now it is 3700mAh instead of the 3200mAh capacity found on the previous model. However, it still supports a 20W flash charging.

First, let’s test its endurance. When testing, the brightness was 70%, the volume was 50%, and after 60 minutes of video playback, the power dropped from 58% to 47%. So it can be calculated that the OnePlus 6T will last for 9-10 hours when watching videos online.

There is also a 5V4A low-voltage and high-current charge, which supports fast charging. When measured, the phone was charged up to 90% in an hour.

OnePlus 6T Experience

Hydrogen OS

This is the best example of how OnePlus company presents its own vision of Android P – based system. And we have to say, its own understanding of this concept is acceptable for millions.

The Hydrogen system is extremely streamlined and does not carry private goods in the ROM (such as various system-level ‘ad-push’, ‘XX framework’, ‘XX service’). Compared with many domestic manufacturers that use Android’s low-level iOS interaction, Hydrogen OS comes with its own style and has also inherited many amazing features, such as understanding of texture, abstraction of reality, stable operation, and responsiveness.

At the same time, the OnePlus 6T is equipped with a screen fingerprint. This is the fastest module in the world, unlocking the screen in 0.341 seconds. Of course, it also supports fingerprint payment options, such as WeChat and Alipay. To activate the one-button quick start mode, open ‘Settings ? Toolbox ? Quick Start, then press and hold the fingerprint. Enter the startup interface, slide left and right to select the shortcut you want to open. In addition to payment software, you can also add 6 shortcuts or applications that you use frequently.

Game mode 3.0

Once you open this mode, the games you play will be automatically added to the whitelist. At the same time, OnePlus has cooperated with Tencent in order to bring a performance optimization. The Vulkan version of the long-awaited ‘Honor of Kings’ has been finally adapted for the OnePlus.

In addition, OnePlus and Netease worked jointly to improve the frame rate, temperature control, network stability, touch and other aspects. To test this, we followed the old rules of setting the Honor of Kings at the highest frame rate and highest quality.

As we can see, the OnePlus 6T comes with the stable high frame rate in any battle scene, maintaining at 60-61fps.


Obviously, the biggest change of the OnePlus 6T in comparison to the original OnePlus 6 is the higher screen ratio. The phone could reach it due to the use of a newer screen design of water drop. But we should also add the light-sensitive screen fingerprint and the 3700mAh large battery. But the OP6 is a genuine flagship with its own style and an enviable performance. So we should state the OnePlus 6T has become fresher, more powerful, more durable, and at the same time, it has inherited all the goodies of its predecessor. In this sense, the 3000 yuan ($433) price tag is quite acceptable.


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