OnePlus 6T offered at $529.99: Worth Buying? [Black Friday Deal]

OnePlus has its latest flagship killer the OnePlus 6T out in the market and it surely has its own share of new features to continue their flagship killer tagline. While it may not be logical to upgrade to the OnePlus 6T when you’ve the OnePlus 6 on your hands, it is worth the shift for those with older model phones. So here are 5 reasons why the OnePlus 6T is a great choice among the vast list of Android phones present in the market. [Claim the Offer Below]

Oxygen OS to freshen up the Pie

Android has its latest software update, Android 9, also known as Android Pie slowly being unfolded to phones. With its claims to be a really enhanced user experience, users are waiting for their expectations to be met. OnePlus has their Oxygen OS which smooths out the small patches that early users of Android Pie have met.

More than mowing down on the bugs and not so enhanced user experience, Oxygen OS makes it an even immersive usage by adding their own range of cool features. It can also be mentioned that not all the cool features of the Oxygen OS are easily discovered by all. Despite that, Oxygen OS stands it ground in a manner that Apple users can also easily switch to the OnePlus UI without much time to get acquainted to such a simple smooth interface.

The energy you need

Most of the previous models released by OnePlus had their issues with the battery life. This time with the headphone jack and the fingerprint sensor on the device removed, extra space has been opened up for a bigger battery to be added. While a small addition might not seem so convincing, this one is worth every extra mAh.

Another concern regarding the battery that users don’t need to worry about is the tagline of ‘a day’s charge in half an hour’. Even with an expanded battery with the same charge rate, expectations are that the charge won’t be fast enough. There’s no such thing to fear, as the OnePlus 6T has a great Fast Charge system with the charge meant to stay.

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Sleek design combined with a stunning display

Removing the fingerprint sensor from the back, OnePlus has switched it over to an on-screen version. This is a lovely change for most users considering that a fingerprint sensor on the back isn’t such a comfortable space. One more part of the hardware that OnePlus has axed is the headphone jack. These two changes are also supposed to bring in an even durable battery.

OnePlus has taken a risk with the way the notch is positioned and it seems to be paying off for the most part. The change from traditional rectangular notch to the teardrop notch has given more screen space and it is a winner, considering that is something most users struggle with. Even with options of turning the notch off, people don’t tend to that due to seamless and easy manner that the notch exists without any hindrance. The only fallout for this decision is the removal of the LED notification alert that most current OnePlus users love.

One major perk that OnePlus has always had is its impeccable display even without having to equip HDR support on its screen. The 1080 x 2340 pixel arrangement is enough to dazzle users without wishing for more.

Smooth and seamless performance

Taking no lag from the OnePlus 6, the 6T has all the speed packed in the predecessor and some more tiny essential features to step up the game. With such a fluid like performance, it would’ve been a shock if games lagged on it. The gaming mode helps dedicated gamers focus on the game by making sure notifications don’t pop up and fill the screen.

Another hidden feature that users need to know for the full hands on experience is the Smart Boost functionality. Hidden among the huge labyrinth of settings, this feature analyses the habits of a user and allocation of memory to certain apps that are used frequently without having to launch them again.

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Blurry eyes are a crime

oneplus 6t camera samples by alessandro(Oneplus Forum)

Stocking up on the same cameras that come with the OnePlus 6, the 6T has its own tweaks in the algorithm to give it an edge. The night mode that is available clears out unwanted details from the picture and gives out a much more refined and richer photograph. The other features are more or less the same when compared to the OnePlus 6.

Cheap to fit into the bills

Not costing as much as the flagship phones of their generation is something that OnePlus constantly does even with its swiftly evolving range of devices. Not equipped with the flabby features that the higher end of smartphones flaunt without much usage isn’t a barrier to buy the OnePlus 6T. Sticking to its ideals and releasing a phone that delivers a wonderful deal is the biggest reason to buy the latest OnePlus device.

OnePlus 6T (6GB + 128GB): Flash Sale

Offer Price: $529.99

OnePlus 6T (8GB + 128GB): Flash Sale

Offer Price: $569.99

Note: Its a flash sale, so hurry up!

Spec Sheet

performance Octa core
display 6.41″ (16.28 cm)
storage 128 GB
camera 16 MP + 20 MP
battery 3700 mAh
ram 6 GB

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