OnePlus 6 specs leaked yet again: hints towards inventory update

OnePlus 6 specs were leaked yet again on HDFC Bank Smartbuy page. Later the listing was removed.

OnePlus 6 specs leaked AGAIN

Smartphone manufacturer OnePlus follow a simple trend, and that is to make devices that lets you “Never Settle,” similar seems to be their scenario with their leaks. The OnePlus 6 specs have been leaked yet again, and the device has been spotted on HDFC bank’s website.

The device with its images was seen on the HDFC Smartbuy Offers Page days before its official launch on May 17th this year. What do this hints too? Well, yes the units must’ve been arrived at the warehouses and most importantly users can order them right away, starting from 21st of May, at least in India.

OnePlus 6 Specs leaked on HDFC website prior to its launch on may 17th

Calling it a ‘publicity stunt’ won’t be wrong as companies do such things to build the hype and OnePlus isn’t an exception. It is no coincidence that the OnePlus six specs have been “mistakenly” displayed on some third party website as it has been done every year, YES, ‘MISTAKENLY.’

What all do we know about OnePlus 6 specs till now?

OnePlus 6 is set for its launch on May 17th, that was already confirmed earlier.

The device is scheduled to launch in China and India on 17th May, and one day before that in London, i.e., on May the 16th.

There are some changes in the previous leaked builds as per the design goes.

Also, users may see some specs changes too. As the details gathered from the HDFC website showed some different OnePlus 6 specs.

OnePlus 6 specs: as per the HDFC Bank Smartbuy offers page

All of this was part of some deal that HDFC may offer when the device goes live for sale only to the users of HDFC bank.

  • Snapdragon 845 SoC.
  • 8GB RAM and 128GB inbuilt memory
  • Android 8.1 Oreo out of the box.
  • Dual Sim support
  • 3500 mAh battery under the hood.

What do you think about the new OnePlus device? What else do you want to see in OnePlus 6 specs? An Under the screen fingerprint scanner? YES? Comment down below and share your opinions.


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