OnePlus 5 Ship Date Disclosed: One More Sleep Till Christmas

Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi and other top brands are waiting for news from OnePlus holding their breath. The reason is simple – the next-gen OnePlus 5 will come with a Snapdragon 835 chip. But as this manufacturer focuses only on one-two devices per year, it’s quite possible the OnePlus 5 will squeeze maximum from this chip. Thus it has all chances to outrun all of its rivals in face of the Samsung Galaxy S8, Sony Xperia XZ Premium, and Xiaomi Mi 6. In this sense we have heard too much about the OnePlsu 5, its features and appearance, but there is still no clearance on them. Moreover, there is no official confirmation on this or that specs. The phone will be unleashed on June 21. This is all we have known. But today it became also known the fifth-gen OnePlus flagship will go on sale on the next day on June 22 at 10:00AM via Jingdong.

OnePlus 5

As the OnePlus 5 launch date has been disclosed, let’s collect all the info on it in one place. We know it will sport a 5.5-inch screen at a Full HD resolution. Probably, this is the most disappointing feature of this phone, because most of us has been waiting for a 2K screen, at least. There is also a Snapdragon 835 chip like other flagships, but if believing in AnTuTu results leaked earlier, the OnePlus 5 is going to beat the Samsung Galaxy S8. As for memory, there should be 6/8GB of RAM and 64/128GB of built-in memory. Dual camera with 16MP sensors causes no doubts, while the front shooter should come with a single 16MP sensor as well. Android 7.1.1 will be pre-installed on it.

One of the biggest questions concerning this handset is related with its appearance. Especial it refers to the camera lens placement. The current OnePlus models come with vertically placed camera modules, but the new trend makes us think the OnePlus 5 will sport a horizontally placed camera. According to the latest spotted photos, the OnePlus 5 will have more rounded corners like the Oppo R11 and iPhone 7. Thus the manufacturer has thought about ergonomics and overall look this time.

Well, the phone will be uncovered on June 21 with a ship date of June 22 at a price tag of 2799 yuan ($412).



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