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In 2017 when bezel-less phones like Samsung S8 and LG G6 are headliners read our Oneplus 5 Review to know if this is your new drug. Read our detailed analysis on OnePlus 5 Specs, Performance, Camera and Battery life. We are asking all the important questions. Not competing with style or display quality is Performance alone enough to justify buying the OP5? Is having more RAM and more cameras what customers want? Read our detailed review of the most controversial phone of the year – OnePlus 5!

OnePlus 5 Specs

Because the form factor remains 5.5 inches OnePlus have decided to keep the same 1080p Optic AMOLED panel. Dimensions are nearly identical, however, the design has changed.

oneplus 5 review

OP5 is clearly meant for speed. Powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and featuring 6GB/8GB RAM, therefore, this beast knows its got horsepower to spare. This reviewer certainly loves a snappy phone and you are unlikely to find a faster device on the market today. Unfortunately, for OnePlus, Xiaomi has already beaten them to the cheapest SD835 phone on the market with Mi6.

Featuring BT 5.0 is a nice future-proof addition for a better wireless future. A wider use range and better audio quality are key features of the newest Bluetooth standard.

Clearly inspired by iPhone 7 Plus‘s camera design, OP5 comes with a 16MP f/1.7 regular and 20MP f/2.6 telephoto lenses. Most noteworthy is the exclusion of OIS. Compared to OnePlus3T the front camera remains the same 16MP f/2.0 shooter.

Packing a smaller battery, however, will not make customers happy. OnePlus 3T has a 3400mAh unit, compared to OP5’s 3300mAh.I was really hoping for dual speakers this time, however, we still find a single bottom speaker. At least OP5 retains the 3.5mm headphone jack as well as their signature “do not disturb” button.

OnePlus 5 Review – Design and Build Quality

Perhaps people were expecting OnePlus to counter Samsung’s Infinity display, those people will find OP5 a bit too familiar, even cliched.

oneplus 5 review

Things are identical on the front side, compared to OnePlus 3T. From the display to the capacitive home button, this is literally the same phone. Turn the phone around and you have a very, very different story.

oneplus 5 review

Users are torn apart arguing if OP5 is copying Apple or Oppo, I fall into the latter category. Similarities between OP5 and R11 are simply too many and too evident.

If you planned on picking a different coloured OP5, you’ll be disappointed, as OP5 only comes in what I call “fancy” grey and “fancy” black, however, 5 different back cases have been released, all mimicking natural elements like wood and marble.

While you may have gripes with the design language, build quality is top notch. OnePlus 5 is perhaps the best build phone you can buy for 500$. If you don’t believe me watch this teardown video and stress test. Few phones have survived such torture! Make no mistake, OP5 is very durable and scratch-resistant, but not waterproof.

OnePlus 5 Review – Battery Life

If you’ve come hoping OnePlus have finally blessed their devices with better endurance, you thought wrong. I am amazed how over the years, besides OnePlus X, all other phones really fall short in delivering proper stamina. The combination between a smaller battery and more powerful Snapdragon 835 does not produce great results. In my personal opinion, 5-6 hours SoT is a must from any phone in 2017 and the OnePlus 5 falls short of that. Most users will reach for the charger by the end or middle of the day.

oneplus 5 review

With the added monochrome reading mode you can save a few dozen minutes, but that really doesn’t help. You won’t be in much trouble if you’ve brought your dash-charger because it can top most of the battery in just 1 hour of charging. My advice is for you to pick the 6/64 GB version for a tad better battery backup. Besides that you don’t really need 8GB RAM, I even doubt Android can even take advantage of it. You won’t read bits of advice like this in any other OnePlus 5 Review out there!

OnePlus 5 Review – Performance

With More Power Comes Less Stamina

And power is what OnePlus brings to the table as usual. If you get a kick out of the highest benchmark scores and simply can’t stand for lag OnePlus 5 is what you need! I personally still believe OnePlus 3T delivers the smoothest experience on the market, however, OP5 may be even faster. With 8GBs of RAM, you will rarely see any app reloading or any lag switching between them.

Along with the 1080p display and Snapdragon 835, any game out there will simply run silky-smooth on OnePlus’s latest flagship phone. Benchmarks prove this as OP5 easily tops every other SD835 phone out there, however, this is done by keeping CPU clock high during benchmarks. In other words – ONEPLUS CHEATED AGAIN!

OnePlus 5 Review – Camera Review

Smartphone cameras have really gone a long way and definitely feel more like compact DSLR, rather than simple sensors. Huawei started the dual-camera mania with P9 and everyone followed after that. Instead of doing one RGB and one Monochrome sensor, OnePlus chose to implement an almost identical to the iPhone 7 Plus camera system. In addition, the camera app looks straight out of an iPhone as well.

oneplus 5 camera review

Very polarised opinions with OP5’s camera setup because it’s great, but falls a bit short in low-light. Portrait mode works OK most of the times, but it really isn’t what I was hoping for.

I believe Google and HTC proved that a single very well done sensor still beats any dual-camera setup out there. With OnePlus spending money on that thing, I really feel they should have opted for a larger pixel size of their main sensor.

I’ll just come out and say it – Dual-Cameras are not fair trade-off for OIS!

Losing OIS really hurts me as a consumer, since this is much more important for getting great shots than 2xOptical Zoom and a half-working portrait mode! Especially when shooting videos the older OP3 and 3T produce better results. This reviewer strongly thinks that OnePlus went backwards, rather than forwards with the main camera.

The front camera is absolutely the same sensor found in OP3T and that is more than fine for anyone out there, except maybe Oppo fans. Still delivers quality selfies, however, a larger pixel size would have again made it better. In comparison with sub 200$ Meizu E2’s selfie camera, I really believe E2 is the better choice.

OnePlus 5 Review – Pros and Cons

Never Settle For:

+ Fastest Performance
+ Latest Updates
+ Super-tough and durable
+ Dash-charging

What you will have to settle for:

– Not so good battery life
– No OIS for both cameras
– Same 1080p display
– Single speaker

oneplus 5 review

While OnePlus has always thrived in a technical specs run smartphone world 2017 phone users demand more. I feel like OnePlus ran out of ideas and decided that 8GB RAM and Dual-Cameras are enough of a selling point for fans, but what about new adopters? For me, 5+ Hrs of SoT, dual-speakers and OIS are a must for a 500+$ smartphone in 2017 and OnePlus 5 falls short. Sure the super build quality, lightning-fast performance and capable cameras are more than enough to justify buying OnePlus 5, but I feel it could have been so much more.

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