The Chinese OnePlus 3T will Officially Debut in China, Tomorrow!

At last, Oneplus upcoming flagship killer known as ‘OnePlus 3T’ will step officially in China on November 28. The international version has already been released today while the Chinese version will hit the stage tomorrow.

Getting into the details, a Canadian official states that OnePlus 3T BNM Edition will make a debut tomorrow at 14:00 on the 29th media conference held in Beijing Fashion Design Plaza 751D.


There will be numerous Chinese live broadcasters which include YY Live, YOUKU, CAT-TV and Panda Live which will cover the event but the media communication will not hold a conference, similar to Meizu PRO 6s release.

OnePlus 3T

OnePlus 3T is an upgraded version and a younger brother of OnePlus 3 as it will feature Snapdragon 821 2.35GHz SoC, 6GB RAM, 128 GB internal storage, 8MP /16MP front and rear camera respectively, Android 7.0 and a Super AMOLED screen. The prices are alleged to be:

  • Standard version (64GB ROM) for 2799 Yuan ($405)
  • Exclusive version (128 GB ROM) for 3199 Yuan ($463)

Will you buy one? Comment!




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