Onda V820w- best value for price tablet

Onda V820w is the second tablet released by the company that fancies the use of Cherry Trail processor. The popular Chinese manufacturer have given us a high quality tablet device at an affordable price. The V820w comes with a powerful Intel cherry trail processor that is efficient in multitasking. It seems like Chinese manufacturer was long anticipating for a processor like Cherry Trail to use in its tablet device. Finally, after the introduction of Intel processor, the tablet manufacturer has been actively using it in different tablet devices.


The V820w CH runs on a Intel Atom processor which was developed using 14 nanometer technology. The same technology was also used to develop model V919 Air CH.

Overall, the tablet is slightly smaller in size. The screen is made of 8 inch IPS display with HD resolution of 1280 x 800 or 16:10 aspect ratio. It has a RAM memory of 2GB and 32GB of SSD. For connectivity the tablet is offered with Bluetooth 4.0 and Wireless N support. The availability of cyan is not known.

Onda V820w is an underrated tablet compared to other similar models. It is powerful in all its specs and comes at a competitive price. To buy Onda V820w at best rate, visit gearbest.

Order Onda V820w from GearBest for $97.78

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