Buy Okaylight Distribution UFO High Bay LED Lighting, Starting at $59.00

For all those cases when you own and manage large commercial spaces and warehouse, you need good illumination. But there is a big problem – the larger space is the more you spend on electricity. To save on electricity, cut down your electricity bill up to 80%, and improve visibility and worker safety while enhancing productivity, you should choose the right lighting products. Many think metal-halide lamps, induction lamps, or high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps are the best solution. But it’s not so. At least, it’s not so for all types of spaces and for all cases. Say, if you own a Warehouses, Factories, Gyms, Manufacturing facilities, Storage facilities, Retail Spaces, Recreation Centers, Hangars, Garages, Exhibition Hall, Natatorium, Airport and other areas that need good lighting, it’s better to switch to Okaylight Distribution UFO High Bay LED Lighting. They have many advantages and don’t look overpriced when compared with the mentioned lighting methods.

Okaylight Distribution UFO High Bay LED Lighting

The Okaylight Distribution UFO High Bay LED Lighting products are available at relatively low price tags. But they sport all the demanded features. Say, the cheapest of them comes with 60W power support, and it is capable of producing 130 Lumens brightness per watt. Save even more by using a lower watt unit. They all have up to 50,000 hours of lifespan, which means you can use it without changing the lamp for 23 years if keeping it turned on for 6 hours per day. Each of these lamps is equivalent to 3 times of HPS/MH bulbs.

Okaylight Distribution UFO High Bay LED Lighting

The Okaylight Distribution UFO High Bay LED Lighting products also come with a relatively slim body. They are lightweight and have no bulky heat sink, which enables the lumen efficacy higher with excellent thermal management in a one-piece structure. Its precision die-cast aluminum housing with excellent heat dissipation allows for high conductivity and is IP65 waterproof, which ensures long lifespan even working in bad weather conditions. These lamps also are easy to install, coming with a contractor-friendly design. As expected, it has an outstanding thermal solution suit for usage in commercial application and provides wide angle brightness control. The bean angle is 120 degrees. Finally, these lamps feature an optional dimming function. The led warehouse light can work with a 1-10v dimmer.


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