Oclean Z1 Electric Toothbrush Review: A IPX7 Waterproof Toothbrush

Oclean has an extensive range of electric toothbrushes in its portfolio. Some of the popular to name are Oclean X, Oclean Air, Oclean SE, and Oclean PW01 electric toothbrush etc. Now, the brand has come again with the new invention to be the Oclean Z1 Smart Electric Toothbrush. Today, we will conduct a thorough review of the product so learn what users will get in this new pack.

Because of the technical advancements, electric equipment industry has also witnessed massive growth along. The electric toothbrush market is now busy to welcome new creation quite frequently. Ultimately, we will have a glut and numerous choices to opt for the smarter electric brush in the near future.

Oclean Z1

Oclean has made admirable efforts in this regard, which we can prove through the Oclean Z1. It is based on the acoustic wave approach and a slew of advanced specifications for the targeted results.

Lets’ have a quick look at the spec-sheet before we engage in the in-depth Oclean Z1 review analysis.

The Oclean Z1 Smart Electric Toothbrush: A Quick Specifications Overview

Electric toothbrushes deliver a myriad of benefits over the traditional toothbrushes. Although these have an expensive price tag but gives full value for money. Further, smart brushes are more effective when it comes to removing plaque.

The Oclean Z1 toothbrush carries a great set of features to ensure overall dental health sound. Here are its various features and specifications in detail.

Oclean Z1

Design and Build

Let’s have some words on the Oclean Z1 design and physical structure first. It comes in a standard physique but combines two separate parts – the brush head and body.

The whole body nurtures the true White color skin to be exquisite feel at the touch. Furthermore, the physique is built of an ABS material to give you a robust and lightweight product experience at all.

The head part is removable and can be changed after a certain period of usage. On the head, it embeds Dupont Tynex Classical 0.152mm filament combing excellent rebound for stable power transmission.

Oclean Z1

Likewise, the bristles are 3D Wavy, which better fit the curvy teeth and cleans the gaps efficiently.

The lower part concludes the whole mechanism of the product. It comes with inbuilt smart chips and sensors inside along with a power button outside. Near the button, you will get an LED display to cast the real-time battery charging data.

At the bottom, the Z1 toothbrush packs a battery. Similarly, you will receive a separate brush holder in the package. When it comes to the physical measurements, the toothbrush provides 24.35×2.44×2.44 cm dimensions and weighs 94g.


The whole brushing processes revolve around the motor. Oclean has fit the magnetic brushless motor in the toothbrush for generating powerful performance at lower noise.

Oclean Z1

Moreover, it provides longer life and lasts for about 5000 hours. Hence it is 10 times longer than the ordinary motor. It also embeds Dialog Chipset in the centre.

While making 40,000 rpm/min, it works at <45dB noise. Ultimately, users will be definitely satisfied with the overall performance with quality maintenance.

Blind Zone Detection

This is why we call it a smart toothbrush. Unlike an ordinary brush, the Oclean Z1 smart toothbrush installs smart sensors for better oral protection. It brings ‘Blind Zone Detection’ feature using inbuilt 6-axis gyroscope. To be more precise, it will prevent your soring and painful areas.

Oclean Z1

You can analyse your brushing results in the app and develop good brushing habit. The Z1 brush will consider 8 areas to identify the weaker and sensitive sections for special cleaning.

32 Intensity Levels

As the Oclean Z1 smart toothbrush loads innovative techniques, so, it also gives 32 intensity teeth cleaning levels. It provides numerous brushing schemes, many of them are customizable.

Users can choose the best scheme to fit their overall dental health status. So, you can pick the best for comfortable and genuine brushing results.

Oclean Z1

Moreover, the Z1 smart brush also works on 3 different modes to desired results. You will get Cleaning Mode, Whitening Mode, and Massaging Mode. Data will be accessible via a smartphone app.


No doubt, it could be among the most crucial features of Oclean Z1 toothbrush. Electronic equipment should be water-resistant to draw longer life and durability.

Oclean Z1

Oclean drives the IPX7 waterproof rating level for protection against water. It is the level most of the products come with.

You are allowed to wash the brush in the direct water and it will not affect the inside machinery.

AI Low-Frequency Protection

Along with, the Oclean Z1 ensures AI tooth protection using low-frequency tooth protection mode. The AI feature is specially designed by keeping in view the people with sensitive and loose teeth.

Oclean Z1

Using this technique, they can clean their teeth in the low-frequency to avoid further damages.


What about power storage? This is the question you must have on your mind. Oclean manages the power transformation through an inbuilt 800 mAh battery. It is placed at the bottom of the brush with a magnetic charging facility.

Oclean Z1

You will get a magnetic suction metal ring to be quick in charging the power bank. Further, it needs 2 hours for full charging and then delivers around 30 days back up as well.

One thing to note here. The higher intensity level will gradually shorter the battery life.


Well, the Oclean Z1 smart toothbrush hosts an impressive pack of advanced features. But at the same time, it also follows an affordable price range to be available even for people with a lower budget.

Usually, the Oclean Z1 comes with a price tag of $59.96 on both offline and online stores. But now, you an opportunity to get a 33% discount to reduce the price to $39.99. This offer is available through a ‘Flash Sale’ on the Gearbest store.

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