Oclean X Smart Electric Toothbrush Available at $49.99 [Coupon]

Xiaomi’s eco-chain enterprises continue bringing better products to the niches they are struggling in. Say, Oclean has been always known for its top-end electric toothbrushes. And though the rest of the models have been very popular due to their price-over-performance ratio, there is another model deserving our attention. The Oclean X Smart Electric Toothbrush has been launched just recently. And now it’s available for purchase at $49.99.

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As you can see from the pictures above and below, the biggest difference in comparison to the previous generation models is the color touchscreen. The Oclean X sports a 0.96-inch screen, which makes this a smart product. It will provide useful information such as Weather Display, Tooth Brushing Integral, Time Display, Electric Display, Firmware Up-gradation, Brushing Time, Score, and Blind Zone Reminder etc. The Red colored value indicates the blind zones.  Now is the time to brush your tooth in a scientific and innovative way.

oclean x

But you can control it via the smartphone app as well. The app can be linked to it via Bluetooth 4.0. It will provide you with 20+ brushing schemes to choose. You can select any of them as per our dental health and cleaning requirements.

oclean x

There are other couple features we like as well. Say, the Oclean X comes with a Miss Area Reminder supported with the 6-axis gyroscope technology. Usually, we do clean our tooth with the normal toothbrush manually. We take it to each part of the mouth to ensure overall cleaning. But, it doesn’t confirm if the brush has hit each area and cleaned it accurately. We have no proof of it. The sensor will show you the data after identifying the missed areas while you clean your tooth. The toothbrush will vibrate and the screen will show you a message about the missed area. If you are connected to your mobile, it will present the whole process data on it. The gyroscope can monitor 8 areas in the oral cavity to bring you more realistic tooth brushing approach.

oclean x

Another option, it supports AI technology with various tooth protection modes. The Oclean X captures AI lower frequency tooth protection mode. Accordingly, it can be used as per the teeth conditions like Sensitive Teeth, Dentures, and Loose Teeth etc. The AI technology provides a status-based approach and suggests which alternative will suit your current tooth health. Hence, it protects your teeth against harms that can erupt in the future.

oclean x

As for the key features, our protagonist uses 32-level conversion speed regulation, magnetic suspension brushless motor, copper-free brush head, 2-in-1 design to use as a holder and a charger, and of course an 800mAh rechargeable battery.



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